Cassandra Jean Amell Cast As Nora Fries

This year's crossover event has been shaping up to be epic! We asked once how the pros at CW were going to top the Dominators and they did with Crisis on Earth X! After Crisis, we wondered how could they top that? Well yet another piece of that puzzle is revealed today! In addition to Superman, Lois Lane and Batwoman making their debut on the crossover, Nora Fries, wife of the infamous Batman villian Mr. Freeze, has been cast! Speaking of wives, Cassandra Jean Amell, wife to Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow) has been tapped for the part! We are already hoping for a scene with Nora and Oliver! Additionally, this might indicate that the crossover is going to be based in Gotham or at least there will be more scenes in Gotham. First Lois Lane, and now Nora Fries ... This is going to be amazing!

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#5 RE: Cassandra Jean Amell Cast As Nora FriesFedguy 2018-09-14 19:06
What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age
#4 RE: Cassandra Jean Amell Cast As Nora FriesRomulus 2018-09-14 17:58
Very nice to know. Welcome to the Arrowverse, Cassandra! Do your character proud. :-)
#3 CrossoverMGM 2018-09-14 13:49
The crossover better be on Earth 38! I want everyone in it! Which means Lena!
+1 #2 RE: Cassandra Jean Amell Cast As Nora Friesvantheman77 2018-09-14 13:43
Stephen's entire family are in the Arrowverse with Stephen as Green Arrow, Robbie as Firestorm Ronnie Raymond, Italia Ricci as Silver Banshee, and now Cassandra Jean as Nora Fries.
#1 RE: Cassandra Jean Amell Cast As Nora FriesDrholiday51 2018-09-14 13:05
Things are picking up. I like both picks. It's shaping up to be a great crossover.

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