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Just about two days until we get to see the second episode of Supergirl season 5! That isn't stopping The CW from sharing with us eleven brand new photos from the episode after, "Blurred Lines". Judging from the photos, Lena is continuing to keep Kara in the dark about her true feelings! Kara also looks like she is going to be in a few corporate meetings (but aren't we all). Most concerning to us, however, is that is looks like James is seriously hurt! With the character set to make a departure very soon, this is quite troubling! Check out the images below:

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#3 RE: Blurred Lines GalleryLibertyPrime 2019-10-12 08:44
Wow, the new \S/ shield is so shiny!

I know it's not the case, but Alex kinda looks like she's about to finish James off. :lol:
#2 RE: Blurred Lines GalleryRomulus 2019-10-11 15:27
Nice pics. Thanks for posting them here! :-)
+3 #1 RE: Blurred Lines Galleryjacksc01 2019-10-11 15:19
That looks like James in medbay - he certainly does get injured quite a bit between season 4 and now season 5 - its getting rare you see him in the upright position.

However, I love the way we are seeing more pictures of Kara/SuperGirl in these photos. Also happy that the DEO is back under Alex's care. I also have to say that from the pictures, Lena is really good at pretending to be a friend to Kara.

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