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Everyone is drawn to comics in a multitude of ways. It's one of the reasons why comics are so good, they work for everyone differently. For me, I would come home from school and watch Superman: The Animated Series along with Batman: The Animated Series. I vividly remember David Kaufman, voice of Jimmy Olsen, proclaim, "There's a Super... Girl?" in the episode Little Girl Lost. That was my first introduction to the character and I've been a super fan ever since. With Supergirl now adopting some of the mega-popular Superman adventures like Red Son and twisting them to fit Kara's jouney, I have one major request for a Batwoman/Supergirl mini crossover.

If you were a fan of the Superman/Batman Animated series, then you might already know where I am going with this. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE stories was a little brief crossover with Superman and Batman in an episode titled Knight Time. Batman's alter-ego, Bruce Wayne was taken over by Brainiac to be used for his resources to help build Brainiac an escape rocket ship and a new body. While Bruce was incapacitated, Batman obviously couldn't show up and crime went way out of hand in Gotham. Robin tried to keep things under control but everytime Batman didn't show up, it got worse. So, in an effort to help keep Gotham safe and find out where Bruce had disappeared to, Superman put on Batman's suit and showed up as Batman the next time the Batsignal went up! The ensuing fight between Superman dressed as Batman and Bane is one of my all time favorite comic memories. Bane was nothing compared to Superman, but thought he was fighting Batman!

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So if you haven't guessed it yet, which I am sure you have, how amazing would it be to have Melissa Beniost wear the Batwoman suit in an effort to help keep Gotham safe while Kate Kane is incapacitated being used by Indigo to build a new body and rocketship to get off Earth! Seeing Batwoman's villains go up against a disguised Girl of Steel would be hilarious and amazing! The opportunities for the two powerful females to team up and defeat Indigo in the end would be dynamite! It's my one major hope for a two-night Batwoman/Supergirl crossover.

What do you think? What are some additional ways Batwoman and Supergirl might have incredible journeys together? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page!

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+1 #4 RE: Batwoman/Supergirl Crossover Hopekdogg87 2018-08-23 07:18
No offense meant, but this seems like more of a forum topic, than a front page topic, due to it not being news related to any of the shows.

I'd be down for a crossover between Supergirl and Batwoman. But doing a Knight Time type of story would have to be handled with complete care. You have to honor the tone of both shows. And bringing in a super-powered character like Kara, you run the risk of her making the Gotham villains look trivial.

We kinda ran into this issue in "The Brave and the Bold" (The Arrow episode featuring Flash). Though depicted in a fun context, this issue was also portrayed in the "Arrow" section of the Invasion crossover. Vigilantes couldn't take down that cyborg woman, and Flash and Supergirl came in and took care of it in a minute.

Additionally, a lot of the humor in Knight Time came from Superman-as-Batman interacting with Robin. Unless they introduce Flamebird REALLY early on, Batwoman won't have anyone like that for Supergirl-as-Batwoman to play off of.

I'm not saying it can't be done. But it would definitely be a writing challenge.

There could definitely be some great moments, in this type of story. I just think we're getting ahead of ourselves.
#3 RE: Batwoman/Supergirl Crossover HopeDrholiday51 2018-08-22 15:02
If it brings back Laura Vandervoort, I'm all for it.
+1 #2 RE: Batwoman/Supergirl Crossover HopeRomulus 2018-08-22 14:28
One word: Nope.

Supergirl is Supergirl, Batwoman is Batwoman. The horse always goes before the cart.

Even in jest, the idea of swapping roles as a one-off is far-fetched and a disservice to both characters because it wouldn't be handled properly. WB and the CW have already loaded the proverbial plate past the tipping point character-wise and keeping the existing shows on an even keel is proving to be quite a challenge.

This role reversal works in comics and animated features, but would drop like a lead balloon in a live-action setting. Like the well-intentioned crossovers, some will go for it with gusto and others will have no use for it. As you can tell, I fall in the latter camp.

However, having said my piece, it would not surprise me if WB and the CW pull this kind of stunt. If they think the casting decision relating to the Batwoman project proved controversial and baited the assorted fan bases; should they go this route, I can only say that the reactions would be swift and likely very negative.
+1 #1 RE: Batwoman/Supergirl Crossover Hopejacksc01 2018-08-22 14:17
Must admit it would be fun to see Batwoman's villains go up against SuperGirl dressed like batwoman - that would be one funny episode.

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