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This is an episode we've been looking forward to for a long time. Thinking back on episodes that stood out to us that weren't as Supergirl centered as others, Midvale was certainly our favorite. It's no coincidence that tonight we are excited to see Alex take to the skies and also welcome back Olivia Nikkanen as young Alex! While it might have been fun if this were some kind of odd alternate future, it is due to the Obsidian Lenses. After last week, we know there is a big flaw with the eject button and Alex could be at risk! Here's what stood out to us tonight:

  1. Jeremiah's Death: Alex is not in a good place. She doesn't want to go to Jeremiah's funeral. She feels like she keeps losing her father over and over again. Her rage turns towards Kara and Kara desides not to deal with her sister. She and J'onn head to Midvale for the funeral. Kelly stays back to be there for Alex. Alex turns to wine and VR lenses to live a different life. She gets to experience what it's like to be Supergirl! Or at least her version of Supergirl.
  2. Failsafe Hack: William has discovered that there is still a failsafe hack. He goes to Kelly to confirm. Through a little investigation, William and Kelly discover that the patch for the failsafe issues was never put into practice. Kelly goes to Andrea to make sure the issue is handled. Andrea kind of dismisses the issue and passes Kelly off. Super Alex heads to a bar where she gets blueberry pancakes. She runs into her other adventurer friend who now doesn't know she is in a simulation. Alex decides she is ready to leave the simulation but gets a call from J'onn at the DEO. The simulation seems to be adapting to try and keep her logged in. Leviathan picks up the body of the adventurer girl who is now fully trapped in the system.
  3. Virtual DEO: Hank Henshaw returns and has captured Kara. Super Alex heads to disrupt Henshaw's plans. At this point we have to note, it started to feel kind of like a Legends of Tomorrow episode. The non-playable characters allowed the actors to go over the top with their personas and kind of do a silly version of themselves. Super Alex takes down Henshaw and Kara is safe. Kelly heads to William's office in Catco. The new board member who might not have allowed payment to go through could have been Lex. Lex is now a member on the board. William and Kelly begin to notify users that might not know they are trapped. The more Alex accepts the happiness of the lenses, the more trapped she is becoming. We see Alex's lenses go from operational blue to trapped red.
  4. Alex is Trapped: Alex runs into another Supergirl and she realizes that there can't be two Supergirls so she exits the simulation. However, that exit was part of the simulation. J'onn calls Alex and alerts her of a crisis where people are questioning their reality. Alex opens her shirt to reveal her black Supersuit and she is right back into the simulation.
  5. Kelly Finds Alex: Kelly sees that Alex's lenses have turned. She can't end Alex's simulation. Alex doesn't believe that Kelly is there to break her out of the simulation. She calls Andrea to see how she can help. Andrea suggests that Alex herself can shock her out of the simulation. Young Alex was sent into the simulation. Young Alex then becomes Alex's guide through the simulation. She goes to confront Jeremiah but he vanishes.Young Alex tells Alex that she can't be the one to find her dad. Then, all of a sudden, Eliza shows up to keep Alex trapped in the simulation. Everyone there is trying to kill young Alex. Young Alex is able to break through to her older self and Alex defeats the simulation and exits.

In the final wrap up moments, Alex questions if she is really out. Kelly says the truth to her and she believes she really is out. Alex realizes that she was angry because she couldn't save her dad. William gets word from his NSA contact. All the people that are trapped seem to be in one location. Andrea gets concerned about the fail safe and goes to tell her programmer to fix it. That programmer is revealed to be Eve Tessmacher, or Hope, or someone new who is programmed by Leviathan. William checks out the facility but sees nothing as Leviathan puts up a hologram image. We cut to Midvale where Eliza is eulogizing her husband. Alex joins Kara in a booth and the two forgive each other instantly.

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#57 Something Kara and Alex need to work outsuperbill 2020-04-04 15:54
During the hiatus I've been re-watching earlier seasons. In the emotional apology scene toward the end of "Falling," Alex admitted that there was truth to what Kara had said in her rant earlier. The same underlying issues between the sisters came up in Alex's rant in this episode. Up to now, to my recollection, the sisters have not dealt with these feelings in a substantive, in depth way. I hope they do before the end of the series. I think it would be a very compelling episode, and would provide some excellent scenes for Melissa and Chyler to sink their teeth into.
#56 RE: Alex in Wonderland RecapCatPat 2020-04-03 08:58
Quoting CatPat:
Olivia Nikkanen (young Alex) has [tested positive] for Coronavirus. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Update suggest she is recovering at home with her mom and was promoted to series tegular on Society.
#55 RE: Alex in Wonderland RecapCatPat 2020-04-01 15:47
Olivia Nikkanen (young Alex) has [tested positive] for Coronavirus. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
#54 Chyler Leigh take a bowDebodoo22 2020-04-01 14:20
Thought this was a great episode & only cements my thought that Chyler Leigh is a real talent great performance & I wish the writers realise that Chyler & Melissa together are the team up we always need 2 of the best actors in the arrowverse in my opinion - more danvers sisters please
#53 RE: Alex in Wonderland RecapCatPat 2020-03-31 11:13
Quoting superbill:
Watched this again the other day and I got to thinking that since Kelly does not know that Kara is Supergirl, what did she think about Alex's outburst at the beginning and her adoption of the Supergirl persona while in the VR realm? I'm wondering if, as a psychologist, she will start to put the pieces together. Any thoughts?

Good observation. Kara's secret identity is one of the worst kept secrets, Lena aside. I can see Kelly joining the club. She's practically family.
#52 RE: Alex in Wonderland Recapsuperbill 2020-03-31 08:44
Watched this again the other day and I got to thinking that since Kelly does not know that Kara is Supergirl, what did she think about Alex's outburst at the beginning and her adoption of the Supergirl persona while in the VR realm? I'm wondering if, as a psychologist, she will start to put the pieces together. Any thoughts?
#51 RE: Alex in Wonderland Recap and Hope StreetRichard 2020-03-29 20:13
Regarding some comments about how 'Kara lives on Hope Street'; in Episode 4.06, "Call to Action", Manchester Black went to Kara's place (at J'onn's invitation) for Thanksgiving - completely correct, at least for that episode. However, that that was not the address originally assigned to this apartment.
In Episode 1.17 "Manhunter" a flash-back revealed how Alex was a really wild party-animal and struggling with alcoholism while attending National City University, and this led J'onn, who was masquerading as Hank Henshaw at that time, to get her out of the drunk-tank where she was on a DUI, and hire her into the DEO.
However, if you have the "Complete First Season" package, the "Deleted Scenes" feature that went with that episode revealed that Alex used to live in that same apartment years ago, when she was still going to NCU (and long before Kara became Supergirl). ), and also explained how Kara eventually got that apartment for herself after Alex moved to the apartment that she has had ever since then.
As part of that unaired extended scene, Alex received a letter from the "University of National City", addressed to 'Alexandra Danvers', and the mailing address on the letter was clearly shown as "1022 Argo Street, #4A, National City, CA, 90012".
I really liked that because of the obviously tongue-in-cheek and blatantly undisguised reference to "Argo", the city where Kara Zor-El was born on Krypton years ago. In the end, as long as no one is going to mail anything to Kara, then this is a contradiction that doesn't affect any story-lines. The only nice thing is that either name is very fitting in its own way for Kara.
#50 RE: Alex in Wonderland RecapCatPat 2020-03-27 17:18
Quoting Kelly:
The first we found out that Kara lived on Hope Atreet was in Season 1.

Really... thanks! I guess I just didn't think anything of it until Crisis and Kara became the Paragon of Hope.
+1 #49 RE: Alex in Wonderland RecapKelly 2020-03-26 19:17
The first we found out that Kara lived on Hope Street was in Season 1.
+3 #48 RE: Alex in Wonderland RecapBrierrose 2020-03-25 17:46
Chyler looked like she was having so much fun. Actors are sometimes allowed to keep wardrobe especially if it can’t be reused, I can see Alex’s supersuit being Chyler’s request. Chyler’s daughters are 13 and 10, Alex’s supersuit would be the best high school Halloween costume ever.

David seemed to be having a blast playing an over the top mustache twirling version Hank Henshaw. Nicole got her first opportunity to play evil and did a great job. We already knew Jesse can do evil.

The first scene between the sisters reminded me of 3x1, Kara used the words “tell me how it feels” just like Alex did in that episode. Everyone here knows Melissa was in directors prep and I’m very happy that the users on this site are being supportive of something that clearly means a lot to her. Yay us!

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