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Supergirl was put into a life-saving suit that would keep her immediate person in an environment that will keep her safe from Kryptonite. While this is keeping her alive, we still don't know if she is ok, keeping her powers, or even able to be an effective hero. But, judging by the other time Kara was powerless, and from the images below, Kara will be in the action again. Also to be noted, J'onn and Manchester Black seem to talking it up this episode too! Remember, Manchester Black is described as a person who brought a knife to a gun fight and still walked out the victor! Check out these Ahimsa images below:

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+1 #8 Re: QuestionsStewart Tick 2018-11-03 10:39
No, the "Power Ranger suit" doesn't really seem to be a very well thought out literary device (to deal with Melissa's absence). But perhaps you could say that the air in the suit is laced with a form of lead (dilute lead nitrate solution?) that partially blocks the effects of the kryptonite particles in her bloodstream. It's not a cure, but it does mitigate the effects of the toxin. Like Desenex (undecylic acid) did for athlete's foot and other fungal infections when I was a kid (before we had Tinactin, Lamisil. Lotrimin, etc.) So maybe the effects of the "lead-laced" air are enough for Kara to emerge from the suit for several minutes at a time, so she can eat, drink, use the bathroom, etc. Or maybe she can be kept in an "isolation room" that is provided with "lead-laced" air, and only needs to wear the suit when emerging from it.
Also, I was thinking that maybe Lena already has scientific proof that Kara is Supergirl. Back when Cat was trying to prove that Kara = Supergirl in Season I, my immediate reaction was "why doesn't Cat just take a glass that Kara was drinking from and order a DNA test, for crying out loud! (instead of playing "mind games)". Now that would be proof! To which my friends replied, Well, you're a card-carrying member of the American Chemical Society, so of course that's your first response! But Cat's a journalist, so her mind doesn't work that way" . Well, maybe so, but Lena is a scientist, isn't she? Hmmm....
#7 QuestionsSupergirl_peril 2018-11-02 15:05
Now we know there is a Supergirl clone in Russia. Brainy said the entire Earth atmosphere was exposed, so how will they explain how she survived? They said they could not send Supergirl in a pod like they did Mon-El because she has already been exposed. Well, hadn't MonEl already been exposed? Also, if she has been exposed and is too weak to travel, how is this suit even helping?

More practically, can she eat or drink or go to the bathroom? Not if she can't take off the suit. I don't think this was very well thought out. I guess we will see. I understand the need with Melissa's schedule, but this particular part of the story seems weak to me. If they are going to pursue the Red Daughter angle later, I hope they can explain how she survived. Will them learning more about Supergirl and her weaknesses, will it help them when they use their Red Daughter to fight against her?

We will see.
#6 Pictures 2 & 3KaraD 2018-11-01 05:59
I wonder if Kara will feel a little bit claustrophobic in her suit. She did experience some panic attacks due to Psy messing with her head in season 3. I don't even know if with this kind of suit, she can decide to take her mask off (obviously, she should not due to the toxic air). Speaking of Psy, I hope we get to see her again this year. She would make a formidable ally to Supergirl against Mercy and Agent Liberty. I would like to see what makes them tick!
+1 #5 RE: Ahimsa Galleryjacksc01 2018-10-30 00:57
Love what I am seeing for this episode mainly because it is based around SuperGirl and the DEO team as well as with Lena, James and the CATCO team. Can't wait for Sunday to get here. I find I am rushing my weeks by just to see the next episode. I love this show.
+2 #4 RE: Ahimsa GalleryKaraD 2018-10-29 23:46
I have a feeling that Lena might use the black Rock of Yuda Kal to filter the air (a method used to save Argo city) from kryptonite that is toxic to Kara. At the end of season 3, we see Lena and Eve making it (giving some to Alura) and testing it.
#3 RE: Ahimsa GalleryRomulus 2018-10-29 19:22
Nice pics. Thanks for posting them here! :-)
+1 #2 RE: Ahimsa Galleryevrafter 2018-10-29 18:46
Oh I'm gonna LOVE Manchester Black. I can just feel it!!!!! Also, I'm pleasantly surprised that the suit looks better up close.
#1 RE: Ahimsa GalleryStewart Tick 2018-10-29 17:56
Love #12 : "Look - up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's....!"

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