What If There Was No Superman

There have been quite a few articles out there wondering if CBS's new show 'Supergirl' is taking too much from the Superman mythos.  This got us wondering, what if there were no Superman in this universe?  Any medium level DC Comics fan knows that DC famously has its multiverse continuum.  There is even an on-going series about it right now called the Multiversity.  We as fans already have started our own multiverse, kind-of, when we talk about keeping what happens on the big screen separate from what is going on in the tv world.  So much like a different universe, say Earth 44 (for example), what if the TV universe didn't have a Superman. 

What if Kara was the last kryptonian alive and maybe baby Kal-El's ship didn't make it.  Kara would have to become the universe's Super-Girl!  Since we know that an Arrow/Flash/Supergirl mega event is possible, the TV universe could rely on using Supergirl as the big guns in any crisis-like event.  You can't call in Superman to make it ok, you'd use Supergirl.  This also could lead to more character development that Supergirl would need to be a world hero and fill the shoes of a Superman type role.  Not a side-kick. 

So what do you think?  Should the new show address Superman and have him in it or should this alternate universe style thing come into play and simply write out Superman?  Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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