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We have to admit we have a love-hate relationship with that countdown clock. We want it to finish counting down so Supergirl can return but there is going to be a point when it won't be counting down again ... sad! Anyway, today The CW has released the episode synopsis for "Welcome Back, Kara!" and potential hint to how the rest of the season is going to go. We know that you all have been speaking in the forums about some of the massive on-site leaks and paparazzi photos but we don't want to talk about them in our news section. So for those that don't know and want it to stay that way, just check out the official synopsis for the returning episode below!

SUPER FRIENDS REUNITED! – As Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Zor-El (guest star Jason Behr) make their return to National City, they are determined to keep the Phantom Zone behind them and enjoy being superheroes together. Unfortunately, their overzealous efforts backfire, creating a whole new threat to National City. The episode was directed by Armen V. Kevorkian and written by Dana Horgan & Jay Faerber (#608). Original airdate 8/24/2021.

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#8 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! SynopsisBrierrose 2021-08-10 08:38
Quoting aragorn:
Sounds great. Gallery cant be far either now
I know others enjoy them but I can take or leave pictures of the episodes, too many premature judgments. I’m hoping for new posters.
#7 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! Synopsisaragorn 2021-08-10 04:53
Sounds great. Gallery cant be far either now
#6 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! SynopsisCatPat 2021-08-07 06:03
It's getting real... comic hero style... the beginning of the end.

I had a couple of issues-- somewhat minor-- with the first 7 episodes, but I enjoyed them quite a bit overall... other than S&L, no other Arrowverse show came close entertainment-wise... sadly much of Arrowverse is in a very sad state of disarray. Heres to a fantastic home stretch for the Paragon of Hope! I think the Stargirl/Supergirl Tuesday lineup will be a blast.
#5 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! Synopsismuckle9999 2021-08-06 16:08
Well, we're at the top of the stretch heading for home with 18 days left until welcome back Supergirl.
I sure hope it's not a bad omen since this episode is directed by Kevorkian. I wonder if he's related to the good doctor. 8)
#4 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! Synopsisjacksc01 2021-08-06 07:51
It is so great to have a synopsis for this episode coming up. I just wonder when it says that SuperGirl and Zor-El are determined to keep the phantom zone behind them - I hope that the scenes we saw of Alex trying to help Kara with the Phantom zone memories are still in the episode (s) as it would be closer to real life. No one coming back from the Phantom zone would be able to just shut it out of their memory. Other than that, and as long as the "meant to be trailer" clip of the remaining episodes holds true to what we saw, I will be satisfied. I will truly miss this show and I wish everyone in it only the best in their future endeavors.
#3 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! SynopsisRobertAnthony 2021-08-05 18:28
Welcome Back Kara...clearly it's meant for Kara Danvers. And even though father and daughter will fight evil, something's bound to go to heck!

And somehow again writers go for classic TV...taking Welcome Back Kotter to task. That show (Aired on ABC for 4 seasons, Sept 1975 to May 1979), which introduced the world to John Travolta before Saturday Night Fever or Pulp Fiction, has the distinct honor to have its theme song, done by Lovin Spoonful front man John Sebastian, go to #1 on the pop charts...for one week in 1976.

The other songs...Rhythm Heritage's SWAT in 1975, Jan Hammer's Theme from Miami Vice in 1984, and The Heights How Do You Talk to an Angel in 1992.
#2 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! SynopsisRomulus 2021-08-05 18:17
Nice to see! Thanks for posting it. The final laps are now in sight. :-)
#1 RE: Welcome Back, Kara! Synopsiscomic fan 2021-08-05 18:02
Great to have a synopsis.Also I thibk it will be fun at first to see daughter & father team uo but sounds like things go hell fast in the episode.

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