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This weekend was the usual tame for news. Even TV show casts and crew need a break. That said, there still was tid-bits of news here and there. We hunted it all down for you and got the scoop! Armen VFX tweeted this out on Sunday:

0123 tweet

So much for TV workers getting weekends off. But you can see it here (right from the horse's mouth as they say). Supergirl is looking awesome! Can't wait to see her fly!

Next we have some interesting tweets and comments from producer Andrew Kreisberg. The first may tug on your Lois and Clark heart strings. Mr. Kreisberg tweeted this out this morning:

0123 photo

The Adventures of Lois and Clark fans might remember this as the front of the Daily Planet! Oh such fond memories! As if it wasn't enough that we got Dean Cain ... which makes us wonder, could this be the new front to Catco.? Also, this weekend was Paleyfest, a TV expo in LA. Arrow and Flash fans might have caught the great group interview sessions they did this weekend. Who else was there? None-other than Andrew Kreisberg, Superhero producer for the DC TV universe. Of course there was bound to be at least one Supergirl related question and on that topic, Kreisberg had this to say:

Melissa Benoist is so amazing and you know just in the same way you can’t imagine you know Oliver Queen be anybody but Stephen and you can’t imagine The Flash being anybody but Grant, Melissa is gonna become the definitive Supergirl for a whole generation of people.

From what we've seen, we couldn't agree with Andrew more! Melissa is looking amazing! So there you have it, the news from this weekend! On a personal site note, we spent the weekend upgrading the site with some new features. They are just on the cusp of rolling out so stay tuned for a site announcement soon.

Any Lois and Clark fans out there? Can you still hear the Lois and Clark theme song? lol, we can. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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