Twitter Reveals 2 Hopefuls

Recently, has been playing the twitter spy game.  We are following the casting agency that is casting Supergirl, as well as the actresses that follow them or tweet them.  We aren't the only ones doing this too. and Superwomenmania, have tipped us off to two potential actresses who's recent tweets and behavior might indicate an audition for Supergirl and or possible casting!

First we have Melissa Benoist.  Her recent twitter activity has her following the casting agency, CBS, and the like following her back.  What's more of a huge indicator is that her hair stylist tweeted a huge change, BLOND HAIR.  So Melissa not only is following the casting agency, but is changing her appearnce to look more like traditional comic book Kara Zor-El.

0032 melissa benoist

Secondly in the Twitter spy game, we have Elizabeth Lail, who also started following the casting agency and vice versa.  She is also now following CBS, and most recent rumors are that she is in LA possibly for an interview/audtion!

0032 elizabeth lail

What do you think, are either of these two actresses right for Supergirl?  Are any of them right for the role of Alex?  Could they possibly be casting for a role on Arrow of Flash?  Let us know what you think below!

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