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Whoa, two late night updates in one week! You got that right, we don't quit when the news comes out, no matter what time it is! Tonight we have two updates. First, a minor gift from Ali Adler. We would like to think that our constant baggering of poor Ali Adler on twitter might have produced this little gem but in reality we are sure its just Ali sharing what makes her day 87 of 100 great.

0068 aliadlertease

Second piece of news is a little more awesome. We have found tons audition tapes on the net but nothing quite like this. We first must give a HUGE thank you to Lorenzo Vega for sharing this video with us! We do our best to get the news to you guys but when we work together and you guys send us updates as well, we truly can make this site the web's number one source for Supergirl news! So again, thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts and news with us!

So without further delay, check out this extremely well done audition tape for The Lumberjack. If you are like us, we all scratched our heads wondering how "The Lumberjack" was going to be a good foe for Supergirl (let alone who the heck he was). This guy, however, makes us think this could be a HUGE villain!

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WHOA, talk about awesome! That was really well done and that guy is huge. We would love to see a guy of his size go up against Melissa Benoist. What a perfect way to show how strong she is. What did you guys think, was this cool? Did it give you hope for The Lumberjack character?

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