Superman's Flying Lesson

Everyone knows that Tyler Hoechlin will be donning the Superman Cape and Boots this Fall! Many have already seen him in his costume and behind the scenes images have shown him in some serious battles to be fought on the ground. What we haven't seen yet is Superman fly. Somewhat astoundingly, it seems Tyler is still filming some scenes for his role as Superman. Ultimately, it shows the determination of the show runners to get the iconic cousin to our titual heroine, right. Entertainment Weekly had the opportunity to talk with Tyler about his flying lessons. Here's what Tyler had to say:

I wouldn’t use the word difficult. I would use the word painful after hour seven or eight. It’s a harness that’s not necessarily the most comfortable thing to wear. It really only holds you up with two straps and they go from the back part of your waist, through the legs, up to the front part of the waist, and so it’s just not the most comfortable way to be supporting your entire body weight for that amount of time. I’ve spared myself embarrassment for the moment. So far I’m one for one, so we’ll see if day two brings any problems. At the end of the day, you’re flying around in a Superman costume — it’s really hard to complain.

Its so exciting to hear about Superman. We stand by our earlier comments that echoed what one of our users said. "Seeing Superman on the show is like welcoming a good friend back home". The show is still Supergirl, but we welcome a little Superman.

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