Supergirl's Earth Gets a Number

Ever since Barry Allen (the Flash) started hopping between dimensions, we have been wondering which Earth Supergirl's universe is. Well today, Executive Producer Todd Helbing, of The Flash, gives us that number! It's Earth 38!?!? Yep, apparently Supergirl's Earth is the 38th parallel dimension to Barry Allen and Oliver Queen's Earth 1. According to DC Comics' multiversity map, Earth 38 is described as:

The citizens of Gotham and Metropolis have learned to rely on Superman and Batman at all times, whenever villainous foes pose a threat to peace and prosperity. They are a constant. They are eternal.

There are further resources to what is on Earth 38 as well. Some stating that the great grandchildren of Batman and Superman's respective families continue their legacy into the 30th century! One of those children is Kara Kent, daughter of Clark and Lois! Obviously this is all comic lore and not true on our TV show universe, but it is still interesting! The fact that Batman is so prominent on Earth 38 in the comics may add to more speculation that a Bat character could end up on Supergirl.

All that said, we might have buried the lead there a bit, check out this inside look at tonight's crossover event:

Whew, its like the Daily Planet or Cat Co here in the offices! News keeps rolling! We even learned some awesome new second half of season two spoilers (but those have to wait). Let us know what you think in the comments below and in the forum! Like an apple and a doctor, a visit the the support page keeps the advertisements away

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