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Well here we are again! Picking up where we left off, we had just broken down all of our equipment and were rushing into the panel. The music literally died out as we entered. The lights dimmed and the show was about to begin! We were told that there wasn't any filming or recording allowed which is why we stuck to the live tweeting. Now there was a ton of fun little facts, quotes, anecdotes and jokes from the panel. In order to keep us from having carpal tunnel syndrome we'll share a list of the noteworthy elements:

  1. The first question to the entire panel was "Is there a season 2?". Our host, Leanne Aguilera even mentioned how Les Mooves indicated that they would be moving forward. Ali Adler answered the question saying that "DC has 75 years of content and they are looking to tell as many stories as possible". While that isn't a definitive answer, it does indicate that the crew is continuing to think about Supergirl and the future. (all positive signs)
  2. Next item of note is that the entire cast and crew feel that Melissa Benoist is the hardest working actor in all of Hollywood! Supergirl has an eight day film cycle which means it takes more than a week to film one episode! That means the show works at a deficit, meaning they need a buffer of episodes before they can begin to play them. Without the buffer, they can't make new episodes every week.
  3. Melissa Benoist looks at comic books to find ways to make her flying look more real and graceful!
  4. Calista Flockhart says, "Cat Grant is alone among 25 year-olds and under. She distances herself but truly cares for the city and Kara."
  5. Greg Berlanti feels that some of the best moments from any of his superhero shows is when a viewer can see a trait in themselves that the heroes portray on screen. It very much plays to the notion that we can all be heroes!
  6. When the title for biggest prankster on staff comes up, it won't be someone from the cast, but instead someone from the crew! A nameless person is accused of hiding a remote controlled fart machine in various places around the Catco offices to see if they could get Melissa to break character. They were successful up to 5 times!
  7. As for singing on set and the cast, everyone does it, but Melissa is guilty of knowing every 90's rap song and can deliver!
  8. Chyler Leigh made her decision to join Supergirl by looking to her two daughters. Her husband said that if she didn't feel that it was a 100% yes for their girls, she shouldn't do it. She is so glad she did.
  9. Chyler's middle daughter came on set when Melissa was in costume. She nearly fainted from seeing a real life Supergirl. Melissa's ability to get people to come out of their shell while in costume is incredible. Chyler's daughter went from being shy and quiet to telling Melissa (in the Supergirl suit) all about her day plans in 15 minutes.
  10. Finally, there are many shenanigans that the cast and crew get up to while the stage is being prepared, its actually Ali Adler that host and holds eating competitions! She is even accused of eating the last donut!

Those were our highlights from the Supergirl panel. Shortly after we were treated to an early viewing of "Falling" which we shared our recap on last night! When the panel let out people were elated! There was a feeling of excitement and togetherness. Several of the fans formed up talking groups and shared their own personal stories about Supergirl. We were even asked to take a few selfies. It was the perfect cap to a wonderful experience. We can't wait to do it again.

Speaking of which, has opened up some doors lately. We have some pretty exciting news coming up that is specifically for our fans! Stay with us in the near future as we'll be announcing some pretty special stuff very soon! In the mean time, check out our personal pictures from Paleyfest below:

We hope you enjoyed our recap of Paleyfest. We want to thank you all for helping send to cover the event and also for all your kind comments about our coverage. We strive to be professional and do high quality work and its your support that makes us aspire to do more. Comments are open below and the as always consider visiting our support page. El May Arah!

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