Supergirl: the Big League of DCTV

CBS' Supergirl is setting up a universe that brings some of the most powerful and terrifying villains to TV. While many fans (including us) would love to see The Flash and Arrow have a crossover, the direction that show-runners are taking the show prove that Supergirl is more than capable of standing on her own and in her own universe. With the addition of (SPOILER for Episode 7) ... J'onn J'onzz The Martian Manhunter, CBS' Supergirl is stocked with powerhouses that are easily up to the task of taking down some of the biggest DC's villain roster has to offer. With all that power, Supergirl starts to open some doors that aren't available to Arrow or Flash, and possibly close some doors that are unique to Flash and Arrow. The following is our list of reasons why Supergirl is the pro-league of the DCTV shows.

  1. Slade Wilson and the army of Mirakuru soldiers would hardly be an episode worth of content on Supergirl. Despite all of the soldiers enhanced strength they still pale in comparison to Supergirl. With her speed, flight, heat vision and freeze breath, she could have cleaned Starling city within 20 minutes.
  2. Non and Astra with their Kryptonite armor make for a nearly impossible foe to defeat for either Oliver, Barry or Both. The folks at S.T.A.R. labs would need to be working severe overtime to come up with something to try and stop those two, especially when Kryptonite isn't a factor.
  3. Even the new time traveling superhero team of on Legends of Tomorrow don't make up enough firepower to bring down TV's newest duo of Martian Manhunter and Supergirl. Those two are incredibly powerful! It would take someone like Darkseid to run over those two working together.
  4. Because Supergirl has the classic and new powers of a Kryptonian, both pre and post new 52, she gives writers the ability to explore villains like Vortox, Reactron, Non, Toyman, and others. The coming white martian is also something entirely new to TV. Supergirl's power-set combined with CBS' budget is allowing for weekly audiences to see the DC comic universe in ways we've never seen it.
  5. Kara as a character is still compelling and down to Earth allowing for a balance of epic villains and day-day character exploration. One of the biggest complaints our staff has about comic books is there is always a crisis! Superheros are always trying to save someone or stop something. The show allows us to see more of a real person in our superhero. Kara has love troubles, job troubles, she is a real person (or feels like it) and we get to experience those stories as well as the mega-villains.

If you want to explore some of the most intense and incredible villains of the DC World, then you are looking to Supergirl to be that vessel. The universe of Supergirl on CBS is shaping up to be the pro league of DC characters, It doesn't seem impossible to include guest characters like Green Lantern, Wondergirl, Miss Martian, or even Dr. Fate. With those possible guest stars, the villain roster can grow too as more seasons are ordered. You could have Darkseid, Anti-Monitor, Brainiac or even the Injustice League set to be your season long villains to come. The horizon is bright for Supergirl whether there is a crossover with the Arrowverse or not.

Do you agree that Supergirl is the big league of DCTV? Is our list of possible guest heroes and villains sync up with what you would want to see? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below or in the forum! Just a little over a week to go until new Supergirl episodes return!

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