Supergirl "Staying Alive"

First and foremost, this is not THE announcement nor is it official. But, that said, this is yet another VERY positive indication that Supergirl is coming back in the Fall! has kept it's ear close to the ground and talked with their exclusive sources to find out which show's are out and which shows are back for next year's TV season. When it came down to CBS' lineup, here were the results:

Dead: “Rush Hour”
Mostly Dead: “Code Black”
Staying Alive: “Criminal Minds,” “The Odd Couple,” “Supergirl”
Too Close to Call: “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” “CSI: Cyber,” “Limitless”

Clearing claiming a spot in the "Staying Alive" category is our favorite show, Supergirl! This is a big deal because while rumors have swelled, and signals have continued to be very positive, this is the first industry source saying Supergirl is back! Its still too early to break out the Red Kryptonite drinks, and put on your party hats, but this is a reason to feel 'Super' excited!

We are jumping for joy at this news. Very exciting stuff! Let us know your feelings in the comments below and in the forum. Help keep going this summer and consider visiting our support page. Thank you and El May Arah!

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