Supergirl's Ratings Fall in Ep. 2

We can't say that this was surprising. Generally all new shows will dip in their ratings from their premiere night. Supergirl also had a lead in from The Big Bang Theory last week while this week Supergirl had to stand alone. That said, ratings fell 29% to 8.9 million viewers. That's still enough to completely dominate Gotham and take a strong second place for the time slot. Entertainment Weekly, however, might have some good news. With DVR views and post live viewing options added in, CBS projects the ratings to grow by about 65%. That means true viewership would be around 14.69 million viewers! That is a lot better than live viewership. While it isn't the kind of drop CBS was looking for, it is something the show can easily whether.

This just goes to show you how important live viewership can be. That is always going to be the first indicator and while we all have evolved and watch TV on our own schedules, live viewership is still so important for new shows. At this time, we don't believe this will hurt chances at a full order or second season.

What do you think of the ratings drop? Were you able to watchin live? What did you think of the second episode from the freshman show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and in our forum!

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