Supergirl & Flash Crossover?

Happy Thanksgiving all you Karanites! Hope you are enjoying the holiday! For all our out of country readers, happy Friday! is reporting that Grant Gustin's Flash and Star Labs team will guest star on Supergirl in an epic network crossover event during sweeps week in May. WHOA! There is a lot to digest in that sentence. Let's take a moment a lay all this out:

  1. This is a rumor that Bleeding Cool is reporting on from a "close source". Take that how you will. We are working our own sources to confirm but at this point we will rate this as 45% likely.
  2. For Flash to appear on Supergirl in May, The back 9 are a MUST. We've been dying for the back 9 since the show was first announced. Should this rumor be true, the first step will be the announcement of the back 9. Fingers crossed!
  3. Supergirl must enter the Flash and Arrow-verse. So far there hasn't been much to confirm or deny that Supergirl could live in the Arrow-verse. In the preview for "Legends of Tomorrow" Rip Hunter says he's seen a Man of Steel and a Dark Knight. In the Arrow companion comic, there is a brief moment where Oliver mentions Superman but quickly dismisses it. Again, for this rumor to be true, we will need to see Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl start to reference each other.

If this does turn out to be true, its pretty exciting news. We think this is a great sign, first to see that showrunners are preparing for a 22 episode 1st season and secondly that all the DC shows are doing well enough to allow a crossover. Like Ali Adler said, "anything is possible in success".

Hope you all are having a lovely holiday weekend! What do you think of this rumor? Could this be the start of a grand shared DC TV Universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum!

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