Sterling Gates Helms TV Comic

We were the first to share with you guys that a companion comic book was coming for Supergirl next year (2016) and now we've got even more exciting news! Veteran Supergirl comic writer, Sterling Gates has been hired to write the digital first companion comic titled, Adventures of Supergirl! More over, the title will have rotating artists including Bengal, Jonboy Meyers, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Emma Vieceli penciling, inking and coloring the first three chapters of the book. IGN had this to say about the new title:

This 13-chapter, bi-weekly comic will release on Mondays, which just happens to be the same day the show airs on CBS. It won’t directly tie into the show, but will tell stories in that universe with Supergirl teaming with the DEO to protect National City while also working a job at CatCo as Kara Danvers. DC also told us that she will take on classic villains like Rampage, Vril Dox, and Psi. Supergirl’s series will not be printed and shipped as a monthly comic, however. The title will instead be collected and printed as a graphic novel, skipping the floppies entirely. Adventures of Supergirl will debut on January 25, 2016.

Here is a sample of the real art from the book!

0430 comic

The Adventure of Supergirl sounds like a perfect addition for us Kara junkies that need more story! Sterling Gates is the perfect man to bring Kara to life and keep that TV feel! We are very excited! Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below and the forum!

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