Star-Crossed Recap

It was a break that wasn't nearly as long as our earlier winter break but nonetheless, its good to be back with a new episode of Supergirl! This episode has been anticipated ever since it was learned that Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo would guest star on the show! Just about everyone had a feeling that Supergirl's Daxamite boyfriend, Mon-El was a prince and his parents would be played by Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo, but the moment of truth had to be this episode. Were you right? Were you surprised? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Supergirl's Attack on Alien Ship: This gave us flashbacks to Star Trek. On one hand, we always wanted to captain a star ship and on the other, we wanted to have super powers but never thought about having both. This was the closest we got to seeing the two interact. The ship had some interesting weapons. Like what kind of star ship has a weapon that is meant to incapacitate one person? Pretty interesting. By the way, the graphics of Supergirl landing here were AMAZING!
  2. Mon-El's Parents: They didn't beat around the bush with this one did they? Supergirl gave us the answer we were looking for before the first commercial break! With that, we know for sure now that Mon-El is royalty, his parents are king and queen, and Daxam has a war ship! What we don't know is, where are they going from here?
  3. Winn Gets Set Up: We were really liking Lyra but this was a twist we didn't see coming. She totally set him up. At least, that's how it looks. Thank goodness Winn is friends with Alex and Maggie, otherwise this could be an open and shut case!
  4. Dinner With the Family: Dinner with Mon-El's family couldn't have gone ... worse? The story of Mon-El's escape from Daxam was a big reminder to Kara where Mon-El came from. As she said, "It'd be one thing if you just came from a cruel world, its another thing when you led it". It was also a big reminder how Mon-El used to be. Furthermore, DAXAM SURVIVED! As in the atmosphere is returning now? That could be a home for refugee Kryptonians.
  5. Lyra Captured: Just another reminder of how amazing this show is. Alex, Winn and Guardian are fighting against three other aliens in a trailer park. An alien weapon goes off and the production team literally split an RV in two! It was a short moment in an awesome fight but can you imagine how hard it is to split an RV in two? Well somehow the practical effects team did it!
  6. Winn Plants the Trap: Winn is a good hearted and wonderful addition to the show, plus he is mega intelligent. So with that, it was no surprise that when Winn has feelings for someone, he finds a way to save the day. It was a nice change of pace seeing Winn play the hero and have Guardian back him up!
  7. Kara breaks up with Mon-El: Mon-El lays it all on the line and Kara does what she needs to do to protect herself. Mon-El kind of takes it, but rushes to his parents to make it clear that he is going to stay on Earth as a hero with or without Kara. Kara is rubbing off on him.

In the end it was a pretty good episode and set us up for the musical crossover which looks amazing! Any time we get two episodes of Kara Danvers is a win in our book. Winn's line at the end about him and Cisco being best friends if they were in the same universe, well, we think we can all agree that would be true! See you guys tomorrow for our Flash musical coverage!

What did you think of the episode? Was it everything you wanted it to be? Did you expect something different? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Help us keep sending those ads to Earth 48 (where they love advertisements) and keep them off our site by visiting the support page!

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#50 RE: Star-Crossed Recaptimmopussycat 2017-03-25 16:03
Is Kara's immediate reaction hypocritical? Yes. Consider her statement to Lucy Lane in Season 1's Manhunter episode.

“When you are an alien, and you’ve lost your world, and dropped into a new one, you don’t have a choice. When you are an alien you are willing to sacrifice anything, everything, betray your fundamental instincts, just to fit in, to belong somewhere, to find your place in this world.”

We all have come out with ill-considered reactions to surprises and have had sober second thoughts later. In Kara's case, the musical crossover may have accelerated the process.

Does Mon-el's status as Prince of Daxam change everything? Yes, it does, because his parents, unlike Kara's remain alive and Daxam, unlike Krypton, can be resettled and rebuilt. That reality changes his responsibilities and his options.
+1 #49 RE: Star-Crossed RecapChucky 2017-03-22 10:07
Love Mon-El and Kara. They will work it out. They seem like endgame. He is on a journey to be a better man and a true superhero. Like his character in the comics. And i am really looking forward to seeing this play out on show. Getting his superhero name, suit and flight powers ect..
+4 #48 RE: Star-Crossed RecapBrierrose 2017-03-21 17:27
I can empathize with both Kara and Mon-El. He shouldn't have lied no doubt about that. I've been the person who lied in a relationship. I was wrong, and to spite having plenty of chances to tell the truth couldn't muster the courage. The truth came out but it wasn't my lies that ultimately ended the relationship. If the writers decide Kara wants to work things out then I don't want to see her holding his lies against him nor do I want her to apologize for her feelings. There was some truth to what Rhea said about Kara slowly making him feel he's not good enough for her that would have to stop. It goes without saying that Mon-El shouldn't do anything like this again.

I've also been the person who was lied to and it hurts. Winn gave some good advice. It helps to separate the feeling of being lied to from the what was lied about. It comes down to is the actual untruth a deal breaker or not. In this case does Mon-El being the prince really change everything?

Lastly a word of caution to all of us playing arm chair quarterback. The internet is a wonderful thing and I enjoy critiquing the show with all of you. What I don't want to happen is comments on twitter and FB causing the EPs to change the story mid stream because of a few very vocal posters. Looking at the official FB site I see hundreds of comments by the same handful of people. This isn't the like the Voice where the viewers get to directly participate let's let the professionals do their jobs.
+2 #47 RE: Star-Crossed RecapKiwi 2017-03-21 16:49
Quoting Argo:

Again we need our girl to bounce out there into the stratosphere as opposes to being caught in mundane matters.Argo

And wasn't that an awesome scene where Supergirl goes to meet the ship. Full of action, flying and Supergirl having to escape from the bubble. Loved it :-).
+2 #46 RE: Star-Crossed RecapFedguy 2017-03-21 15:03
I would in fact welcome an increase in Mon-El and J'onn involvement. And Kara should talk to Winn more, it's like they're just acquintances now.
+3 #45 RE: Star-Crossed RecapFedguy 2017-03-21 15:01
I believe all of Kara's relationships make her better and stronger. Stronger together is an often repeated theme of the first season, or have all those chanting for Kara to go lone wolf forgotten?
+4 #44 RE: Star-Crossed Recapjacksc01 2017-03-21 14:40
Quoting Kiwi:

I seriously miss those 3 working together, their friendship was a very enjoyable part of Season 1 especially that scene in Blood Bonds where James and Winn held Kara's hands and were supporting her.

I went back and looked at Blood Bonds when I saw your quote - wow, that was really what SuperGirl was about. I too love the old bonds and group and focus of the show in
season 1. You saw the character Kara and SuperGirl and her family and friends were in it and so were the villians and yet the show remained centered on SuperGirl which is what it needs to go back to.
+6 #43 RE: Star-Crossed RecapStewart Tick 2017-03-21 14:02
"Don't know about anyone else, but when the group high fived and Kara said something like "Super Friends are back in action", I was thrilled.."

Yes, exactly! I want to see more Super-Friends (and less romantic relationship scenes, Guardian, and Mon-El). If new characters are added, they should be part of the Super-Friends Team (or Team Super). Let Kara be the star she should be on a show that bears her name as the title (and always was in the comics) - the others should be supporting characters. (That's what I've done in my fan fiction stories, just added new members to Team Super.) If there's another superhero on Team Super, they should be a secondary, supporting character, as J'onn was in Season 1.
+3 #42 RE: Star-Crossed RecapArgo 2017-03-21 13:54
I rated this episode as good. It was OK. I think a lot of things that have been said before me have been on my mind as well. A couple of items I do wish to point out were really good:

  • The CGI effects were well done

  • The alien's make-up wa particularly good.

Also, Teri Hatcher scared the heck out of me. Her subtle villainy really was a high point. Put her and Brenda Strong together and we would have a witches' brew of trouble.

I still like the Mon-El/ Kara relationship, but it would have been great if they just stayed friends this season. Perhaps later on, they could develop into something else (like alter in Season 3). Again we need our girl to bounce out there into the stratosphere as opposes to being caught in mundane matters.

+3 #41 RE: Star-Crossed Recapevrafter 2017-03-21 13:30
Quoting Cloud:
Don't know about anyone else, but when the group high fived and Kara said something like "Super Friends are back in action". I was thrilled. But they let us down. Turns out it was super friends minus the super. I was waiting and waiting for Supergirl to enter the fight during the hostage exchange, but instead we got DEO on strings. Where was she? Writing a blob?
This show's ratings are dipping and I can't help but think that they are taking too much time developing the Kara side of Supergirl.

Meeeee toooooo!!! I was like, YES! The Super Friends are back. But then, they weren't. Sad. My poor little ticker.

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