spoilers season2 episode20Title: City of Lost Children

Directed By: Ben Bray

Air Date: May 8th, 2017 8pm The CW

Story By: Robert Rovner

Teleplay By: Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn

Official Description:  When an alien attacks National City, Supergirl and the DEO learn the alien is a Phorian, an otherwise peaceful race with telekinetic powers. Guardian gets a lead on the Phorian’s address but instead of finding the culprit, he finds a very scared boy named Marcus. Marcus will only trust James so it is up to Guardian to stop the attacks on the city. Rhea’s plan escalates.

Reoccurring Cast:

Guest Stars: Lonnie Chavis (Marcus) | Rhea (Teri Hatcher)

Special Notes: Marcus is a young alien boy who bonds with James after the rugrat’s mother attacks National City. The episode is said to contain a scene between James and J'onn that will be touching. Here is what David Harewood said about it:

There’s a lovely moment that I have with Mehcad, about accepting who you are. James is reluctant to step in and help somebody, and I persuade him, as a hero, that sometimes you have to go against your own instincts and do something that’s right, as opposed to what you think might be right.