Possible Scene in Episode 1

Alex rushes to report to Henshaw about Kara's use of her powers.

Hank Henshaw: She used her powers.

Alex Danvers: I was coming in now to debrief you.

Hank Henshaw: You promised this would never happen.

Alex Danvers: I had every reason to believe that my assessment was accurate.

Hank Henshaw: You promised me. Promised me like when you accepted my invitation to the spring formal.  I was saving my pennies to buy you a carnation corsage. You gave me your word.

Alex Danvers: I understand agent Henshaw, but there was a mitigating factor. I…[cutoff]

Hank Henshaw: Your word, Illuminate me then Danvers, what was it, this factor.

Alex Danvers: I've seen the subject tested over the years.  Pushed to the limit, in every situation she goes out of her way to hide what makes her extraordinary. When we were in high school she fell off a ski lift and pretended to need a cast. Kara hobbled around on crutches for months.

Hank Henshaw: I love your childhood anecdotes, but when it comes to the alien [cut off]

Alex Danvers: Feelings! Her feelings are the mitigating factor sir.  She was willing to hide herself to blend in, be accepted.  But here with other peoples lives at stake she values their needs above her own emotional discomfort.

Hank Henshaw: You talk about her like she's some lost kitten when she's the most potent and terrifying creatures I've ever seen.

Alex Danvers: Please Kara's not like that.

Hank Henshaw: She's an alien, a dangerous kryptonian who's gone off the leash. Never to be confused by the color or texture of her skin.  You and I know they are the most insidious because they start to believe their like us.

Alex Danvers: The other inhabitants of her planet are different.

Hank Henshaw: Oh yeah, have you met any more of her kind.

Alex Danvers: When I was a kid, the other survivor

Hank Henshaw: Who was totally uncooperative.

Alex Danvers: I hardly call what he does uncooperative.

Hank Henshaw: He's a maverick. refuses to submit any deviate protocol. I won't take another Kryptonian wildcard.

Alex Danvers: I've got this, I'll talk to her.

Hank Henshaw: No more talk.

Possible Scene from Episode 1:

Well this scene, if shown, is all about that GIRL POWER! Also addresses the Super "Girl" over Super "Woman" moniker.

Kara Danvers: Did you see the homepage?

Cat Grant: See it? I pressed send myself.

Kara Danvers: What? Supergirl? We can’t name her that.

Cat Grant: ‘WE’ didn’t.

Kara Danvers: No I, I just mean this is important the idea of her, a female hero. I mean, we should give her a significant name.

Cat Grant: Oh so not Supergirl, what would you call her?

Kara Danvers: I guess, shouldn’t she be Superwoman. I mean she is the most powerful woman in the world. Super “Girl” seems kind of diminutive, right?

Cat Grant: What? I couldn’t hear you over the noisy pattern of your cheap skirt.

Kara Danvers: Listen to me, please, if we call her Supergirl, something less than who she is, aren’t we guilty of misogyny, of being reductive, of anti-feminist subjugation.

Cat Grant: Are you done honey? Because you have the entire alphabet dribbling down your chin.

Kara Danvers: I’m just saying we’re women in the media, we have an even greater responsibility to do right by her. If we call her Supergirl, aren’t we just part of the problem?

Cat Grant: You know about as much about branding as you do about getting a decent Yerba Mate. What do you think the media is Kara (Pronounced: Care-uh)?

Kara Danvers: Its KARA.

Cat Grant: Our job is telling people what to think, how to feel. Did you imagine that naming her “Supergirl” was just some random jaunty idea? No, when I saw the brave inspirational hero save people’s lives I purposely selected the word “girl”. It’s a word that has been associated with youth, and naivety I re-invented it when I invented her.

Kara Danvers: You didn’t actually invent her.

Cat Grant: I attributed “girl" to something powerful and have changed its meaning forever. And what do you think is so bad about “girl”? I’m a girl, and your boss, and rich, and hot, and smart. If you perceive Supergirl as anything but excellence, isn’t the real problem with you? I also invented the phrase time suck which is exactly what this has been.  Get me a Yerba Mate. This time lets go for hot.

Kara Danvers: Alright, copy that.

Cat Grant: Oh and “KARA”.

Kara Danvers: Oh you got my name right.

Cat Grant: The next time I want your opinion I’ll tell you what it is first.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

Here we have a possible scene between James and Kara meeting for the first time and talking about Superman:

JAMES: Excuse me.

KARA: Derek, from editorial. Sorry, haven't done your research yet... Wow, no. Not Derek. His bones are way less dense... Not that I know that, because that would be like... Having a dual energy X-Ray observatory meter inside your eyes, which would be crazy...

JAMES: Yeah, it's... It's James.

KARA: Right, the new unit photographer from Metropolis, I know that because you're on a post-it... Oh, no. I was supposed to get those proofs from you...

JAMES: 10 minutes ago, yeah, I figured I'd bring them up so you wouldn't get in trouble with your boss.

KARA: Thanks, that's... That's him.

JAMES: Superman, yes. How did you know?

KARA: Of course it's him. Because you're famous for taking pictures of him.

JAMES: Oh, God, am I really that derivative? Time for a new subject.

KARA: Is it true you're friends?

JAMES: Yeah... Yeah, I guess. I wouldn't have pegged you for a Super-fan.

KARA: He feels more like... family... to me.

JAMES: That's what they all say. Go on, I know that look. Ask me all the questions, I've heard them all. How tall is he? What does he eat for breakfast? Does he sleep?

KARA: Were you scared of him? When you first saw what he could do, were you scared of him?

JAMES: ... Haven't heard that one. Was I scared? I was just starting out. Mr. White sent me to cover a house fire. People... Kids... trapped inside. At some point, the firefighters... All they could do was pray. And then, there he was. A person, in the sky, flying. He cut down this giant tree with a ray of heat from his eyes and made a bridge so a family could escape, and when the tree caught on fire, he cooled it off with a blast of freezing air from his mouth. I should've been terrified, but I wasn't. Something about him made me feel...

KARA: Safe?

JAMES: Yeah, that's right. That's why he's him, I guess. So, huh... Do you have superpowers?

KARA: What? That's an absurd accusation, I'm just a regular human person who has a lot to do before she can leave tonight.

JAMES: No, I just mean because your boss is coming, and she really pissed. Later, Kara.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

Kara uses her powers to help people for the first time and is met with a disapointing response from her foster sister:

ALEX: Why can't you just text me whatever your big thing is? I've got a meeting with Henshaw in five...

KARA: Can't see your face over the phone.

ALEX: OK, you have three seconds.

KARA: I did it, Alex. I did what you always wanted me to do.

ALEX: Your hair looks exactly the same.

KARA: No, I saved them. I did it, I stopped them from going over the bridge, those people are alive because of something I did.

ALEX: You could've been killed.

KARA: How? I could bend this steel desk into a little ball if I wanted to, you've seen what I can do.

ALEX: Then they could've been killed, it's not like you've had a lot of practice stopping trains.

KARA: You always said that if you had my powers, you'd use them to change the world. I came here to say you were right, I'm going to.

ALEX: How?

KARA: By finally being the person I was sent here to be.

ALEX: You have not thought this through. You expose your powers. Outside, in daylight, to the general public. Do you have any idea what the odds are someone has taken a photo, maybe a video, of you stopping that train with your hands? I'm going with 100%. You're probably already trending.

KARA: They would've died without me. I don't get it, I thought you'd be proud.

ALEX: Our whole childhood, you hid your abilities like they were disabilities. You made me, our family, your co-conspirators. And now you walk in here, announcing a career change? What's next, law school?

KARA: Today felt like the first day of my life. I felt like I was back home.

ALEX: In Midvale?

KARA: Krypton. I mean...I had to do something spectacular just to feel normal.

ALEX: Whatever you're going through, it'll pass. Just don't do something you're gonna regret.

KARA: I just told you about the best moment of my life, and you can't even be happy for me.

ALEX: Kara... You may have his abilities, but you're not him.

KARA: No. You're right, I'm not. I am Kara Zor-El. Daughter of Alura. And I'm gonna start living like it.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

A touching scene between 12 year old Kara and her foster mom.

Young Kara: There, Corona Borealis. So close to my bedroom window when I was little. Its light kept me awake.

Mother Danvers: I can’t see it, it’s a billion light years from here.

Young Kara: Sorry.

Mother Danvers: I got my doctorate when I was 19. I was always the youngest woman with the right answer in a room full of smart men. I know what it feels like to not fit in.

Young Kara: I used to belong, up there.

Mother Danvers: I know sweetheart but you’re not up there anymore.

Young Kara: Do you know what its like [sigh] to have to hide what makes me so special on this planet? People laugh at me.

Mother Danvers: You know, people have a tough time making sense of extraordinary things.

Young Kara: Them not believing, I mean it makes me want to prove to them what I’m capable of.

Mother Danvers: Someday you’ll use those powers for greatness, but for now, how about you just get used to being the new kid in town.

Young Kara: Just because you can’t see Corona Borealis, doesn’t mean its not there.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

If this makes it in the show, you can see that there probably will be a scene on Krypton.

Zor-El: Your pods coordinates are interlocked with Kal-El's. You will follow him to Earth.

Young Kara: I'm not afraid, father.

Zor-El: You are so like your mother.

Alura: The trip is long, but you will sleep most of the way. And we will be with you in your dreams. You'll journey to Earth to watch over your baby cousin, Kal-El. Because of Earth's yellow sun you will have great powers on this planet. You'll be able to do extraordinary things.

Young Kara: I won't fail Kal-El, mother.  Or, you.

Alura: I love you, Kara.

Zor-El: You have to go. Now!

Young Kara: I love you.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

In this scene an unknown person is talking with the Lumberjack:

Shadow Figure: You saw the plane?

Lumberjack: Yes, and the girl. Where do you think she came from?

Shadow Figure: He made it to Earth, is it so hard to believe others did too?

Lumberjack: She’s working with the humans?

Shadow Figure: It appears so, she must not become an impediment to our plans. The General has ordered you to locate her and terminate.

Lumberjack: I can’t promise her death won’t be public and messy.

Shadow Figure: Casualties are irrelevant. Never forget who imprisoned you.

Lumberjack: I won’t and I intend to repay that debt in full.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

Every villain has to have a dialogue before a big battle. Here is the scene between Supergirl and The Lumberjack before a fight:

Supergirl: I can hear your heartbeat, all three of them...

Lumberjack: [Laughs] On my planet, females bow before males. Tell me your name, and your home of origin, and no one in your city will die, except you.

Supergirl: I have a better idea, come with me know and I won’t have to hurt you.

Lumberjack: I wonder if you’ll speak that way when the sun burns and the sky screams with fire.

Supergirl: So dramatic, but I’ve seen one world end, I’m not going to make that mistake again.

Lumberjack: And which world was that? Tell me your name.

Supergirl: Or how about I just kick your ass.

Lumberjack: I said, What Is Your Name!

Supergirl: I don’t feel much like talking.

Lumberjack: [Raged] Tell me your NAME!

Supergirl: On Krypton, my name is Kara Zor-El, daughter of Alura.

Lumberjack: You bear his symbol, but you are not him.

Supergirl: So everyone keeps telling me.

Lumberjack: No woman can stop me.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

New character Tobey has slimy conversation with Kara. Follows up with devastating business advice for Cat.

Tobey: 'you get me my reservation at Noville?

Kara: I'm not even your assistant Tobey.

Tobey: You get all the connections on Cat's desk, come on, I'll set you up with my friend, he loves the smart ones.

New Scene

Cat: Where is she from, Why is she here, why is she revealing herself now?

Tobey: 'Don't have much to go on. The image we have is low-res.

Cat: My guess is she's about 5' 9", hard to gauge with her up against a building.

New Scene

Tobey: Cat Co. Shaved 16% of our bottom line by outsourcing our web coding over seas. With the same kind of fiscal success in mind, we are recommending that we downsize our subsidiary, The National City Tribune. The paper can be wholly digital within two quarters.

Cat: It's a big move, The Tribune was my first acquisition.

Tobey: You asked for immediate improvement. This is the most obvious one. Halves expenses, printing, distribution, personnel costs.

Cat: I hear you Tobey, I can do math. That'll be all everyone, we will resume after lunch.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

Kara looks to sway the new superhero name Catgrants tabloid makes and Winn shows his colors:

Winn: This is straight from editorial. Have you seen her? I mean, she looks like every girl that never talked to me in high school and college.... I mean, she's the female version of him!

KARA: No, she's not the female him. She's her own thing, completely unique, unaffiliated, individual...

Winn: Imagine the possibilities. The Man of Steel... In girl form. I mean, her powers could possibly rival his.

KARA: Not "possibly" rival his, she's an equal.

Winn: She didn't bother fabricating a costume.

KARA: She didn't had time, she had to act fast.

Winn: First impressions count, though, she's very dirty.

KARA: She's lifting a train.

Winn: Barefoot, needs a pedicure.

KARA: She's saving peoples' lives!

Winn: She's very cool. Superpowers plus boobs, I mean, she's gonna make it very difficult for women to think they can date him as long as someone like her is out there.

KARA: Stop saying stuff like that. Who cares what she looks like? She's a hero.

Winn: You know, Kara, you're right. My superficiality is everything that's wrong with this city. Where were you born?

KARA: Up north?

Winn: Rhetorical. What I'm saying is that people living in National City weren't actually born in National City. We moved here to make it, but we got caught up with the way we look and the clothes and the cars and the laser hair removal that we forget to see each other. I mean, this morning when I was in line waiting for my cream cheese I noticed people were actually talking to each other.

KARA: What did they say?

Winn: Who cares, we were on our phones. Connecting over an alien. She's already helping us more than she knows.

KARA: I think you're starting to get it.

Winn: This big city is already feeling a lot smaller now thanks to the new Super-Chick,

KARA: We're gonna have to work on the name.

Winn: Yeah.

Possible Scene in Episode 1

We have our doubts that this is real but we have found two sources [in our videos page] that show this dialogue. If true, Winn could be responsible for making Kara's suit!

Kara Danvers: Thanks Winn

Winn Schott: Eh, So sorry I fell asleep during our FaceTime last night. Maybe sometime we could watch a movie together? You know, in the same room?

Kara Danvers: I have fun watching you snore. Your septum is slightly deviated in your left nostril. You should get that checked.

Winn Schott: How did … Nevermind. Hey, you want to go to one tonight? In real life?

Kara Danvers: Sorry I would but I have a date.

Winn Schott: A date … Really? Cool! Awesome, great yeah, dating is so much fun. Who with?

Kara Danvers: It’s a guy. We’re 82% compatible so it should be good. He listens to Soul Cycle.

Winn Schott: You hate Soul Cycle.

Kara Danvers: That must be part of the other 18%.

Winn Schott: You can’t quantify emotions based on an algorithm.

Kara Danvers: Winn, your I.T. Isn’t your whole life based on algorithm?

Winn Schott: Yes, so if there is an algorithm for love, I’d know about it. Just like you’ll know when it its you Kara. It’ll be like POW! [Hits Hand with Fist]

Second Scene:

Winn Schott: I can’t believe I am actually in your apartment.

Kara Danvers: Winn, if we’re going to use our lunch half hour for you to help me with my superheroing then we need to work fast.

Winn Schott: Yeah, I’m still not sure how all this is happening. Oh, maybe the brownie I had for breakfast belonged to my roommate.

Kara Danvers: My abilities come from your sun and the planet I was born on.

Winn Schott: OH, whoa, wait hold up. You’re from another planet?

Kara Danvers: Krypton, yeah, so is my cousin.

Winn Schott: You … and him … You’re related?!

Kara Danvers: Yeah, our dads are brothers. I’m going to need you to focus Winn, I want your help, I told you, I don’t know a thing about crime fighting.

Winn Schott: Oh PLEASE, you’ve got the hard part down. First you need a [interrupted]

Kara Danvers: A Costume!

Winn Schott: It’s called a suit Kara.

Kara Danvers: How do you know how to sew.

Winn Schott: I’m a social experiment. My moms were trying to create a post-modern man.  I can also swing dance and make a fantastic chicken… [notices Kara changing] … you look very pretty, for a crime fighting alien I mean. Not that you look like an alien.

Kara Danvers: I got it.

Winn Schott: Maybe their entire planet is inhabited solely by gorgeous [interrupted].

Kara Danvers: Winn!

Winn Schott: Yeah so, um right. The second thing that’s stopping you from being a crime-fighter is a crime. I’ve hacked into the NCPD. You’d think the I.T. would have installed better firewalls by now. I suggest we start with something basic. Oh there is a car chase on the 112 freeway in progress.

Kara Danvers: I can do a car chase.

Winn Schott: I always thought a cape was a little presentational and over the top, but it aides with aerodynamics. I should have guessed that.
Radio Interruption: [National City Bank is reporting a 432 on 6th and Spring, suspects are armed and dangerous]

Winn Schott: Are you sure you’re bulletproof?

Kara Danvers: I hope so I’ve never been shot. [Supergirl speeds away out the window].

Winn Schott: Bye Kara ...