Spoilers About the Show


  1. Superman is very real and in the world
  2. Kara uses her powers to stop a train crisis
  3. Alex isn't happy she is using her powers
  4. Kara is a research analyst at a media corporation owned by Cat Grant
  5. Supergirl refers to Superman as family
  6. That big government agency that Alex is working for? Well that is Hank Henshaw's division!
  7. Alex and Henshaw had a relationship in high school.
  8. Superman knows of Kara and has visited her when she was younger!
  9. Alex has met Superman.
  10. Kara has pretended to get hurt for appearances.
  11. Kara will fight The Lumberjack a three hearted alien in the first episode
  12. The Lumberjack has fought Superman
  13. The Lumberjack is a pawn for a more powerful shadow group.


  1. Wynn Schott know's Kara's secret
  2. Wynn Schott is Kara's tech partner
  3. Wynn Schott MAKES KARA's SUIT!
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