Spoiler: Cat Grant Has What?

Probable spoiler ahead. Please take caution reading further. Late in the evening on Friday night a new audition video appeared. A young actor named Aiden Langford looks to be auditioning for the role of Carter. Judging by the dialogue, it sounds like the role is for Cat Grant's son! There is a sweet dialogue between him and presumably Kara. Our guess is Kara is tasked with babysitting him while Cat is away. This isn't the first time Cat has had a son. In fact you might remember Cat Grant had a son on TV's Smallville! Having Cat have a son is a very interesting plot development. It will be a great way to humanize an otherwise harsh character. There should be a lot to explore and develop Flockhart's character. Want to see the audition for yourself?
Check out the audition video below:

For all you brave souls that want to play the speculation game, we'd love to hear what you think of this scene and if Carter is Cat's son, what it means for the show! Share your thoughts below in the comments section or hit up our fan forum filled with the best fans around!

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