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Good afternoon users. We've made some changes to the site recently that we think are going to improve the site experience of all our users. We want to list them out for you all to see first, then we want to invite you all to comment below or privately message us via our contact page to see what we can do better for you, our users.

  1. We have removed the comments voting sturcture. We were considering making it an upvote only system but couldn't figure out the code. In the end we think not having a voting stucture will allow the comments to stand on their own and let people really read what is being said vs just clicking an up or down button.
  2. We are putting new disciplinary rules into place. We have them on the forum and a lesser version is listed in the comments section but we will share the punishment section specifically here: If you break any of the rules or site policies (listed in the footer and on the forum), it will result in a warning and removal of the offensive comment. A second offense will result in a 24-hour ban and you'll have to work with an administrator to make sure you understand the rules. And on a third offense, we will ban you permanently.
  3. There is a report comment feature now on the comments section. Its been there for a while, but we feel pointing it out will help users feel they can use that function more. So far, the feature has been pretty useful to us.
  4. Finally, we have added moderation on the forum. This won't effect your day to day use, but know that we have eyes on the forum now too. The old site didn't have this function.

All in all these rules are in place for your safety. If you can remember to be respectful of all opinions as well it would go a long way in conjunction with these rules.  It is our hope that these features will help all members feel like they can share their opinions in a positive way. Comments are welcome below and if you want to message us privately about a concern, all messages through the contact page are considered private between the site admin and the user.

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#6 RE: Site Maintenance Check InFedguy 2017-03-27 19:44
I mean upvote was a good function. But I suppose anything to keep the peace.
#5 RE: Site Maintenance Check Insuperbill 2017-03-27 19:13
These seem like good changes. Thanks for all you do!
#4 RE: Site Maintenance Check InRomulus 2017-03-27 18:43
Very good to know. Thanks for the information. Consistency throughout the site is important.

I am also in strong favour of the removal of the up-vote / down-vote feature as this tended to skewer people's perceptions of the comments and their overall intent; which is to inform and offer a personal opinion on a topic or point at hand.

I agree that the comments should stand on their own merit (provided they adhere to the site's basic posting rules) and the removal of the voting feature levels the playing field and eliminates the perception of users being marginalised for having differing views from others.
#3 RE: Site Maintenance Check InRobertAnthony 2017-03-27 16:05
I kind of wondered where the thumbs went. And I promise no curses and the like.
#2 Go Supergirl gokeithchristy 2017-03-27 15:40
I like the changes and the upvote is cool. From Supergirl's number one fan. I cannot wait for tonight's episode. Go Supergirl go. Supergirl rules.
#1 RE: Site Maintenance Check InFedguy 2017-03-27 15:13
The peace has really been damaged recently huh

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