Season 2 Production Update

Yesterday's exciting new teaser video accompanied by the first 25 photos from the second season caused quite a Supergirl fervor. Clearly everyone was excited to see a first look into season 2. That did seem to lead to questions about who's directing what and where Supergirl is in the current filming process. Here's what we can officially confirm:

  1. Supergirl's ten day filming schedule puts today as the wrap on episode 204.
  2. They are currently filming episode 205.
  3. Larry Teng will direct next week's episode 206.
  4. Kevin Smith was spotted on set but he was actually out to lunch with The Flash crew and stopped by to say hi. His episode for Supergirl is 209.

Here are some photos of Kevin Smith's visit.

0718 kevin

0718 kevin2

0718 kevin3

Here's what Kevin Smith had to say about his Supergirl encounter:

Driving to lunch with my Flash crew and we spotted the fine folks who make Supergirl on the mean streets of VanGroovy! I was able to say a quick hi to Melissa Benoist but I got to pal around for a red hot minute with Superman's pal James Olsen aka Mehcad Brooks! I come back to Vancouver to direct an episode of Supergirl next month but I still fan-girled out seeing the Super set of National City...

So there you have it, Kevin Smith's episode is 209, Larry Teng's first episode is 206 and they are wrapping 205 today!

Cool, hope that helps clear up where we are in production on Supergirl season 2 for everyone. If you have any comments let us know below or in the forum! Also, keep us advertisement free and visit the support page!

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