Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

This was one of the biggest episodes we were waiting for in season 2! Tonight we had the return of fan favorite director, Larry Teng (see our exclusive interview with him about this episode here), the introduction of the Parasite, and furthering of James' story as the Guardian, Alex's story, and Mon-El! Quite a lot was packed into just an hour of broadcast television! Having seen the kind of work Armen VFXs has done with monsters on The Flash, as well as the snippet we got to see of the Parasite in the trailer, we were looking forward to some epic battles tonight and we weren't disappointed! Beyond that, here were the things that stood out to us tonight:

  1. Supergirl Getting Drunk/Alien Bar: This was too funny. Perhaps a story we wouldn't have seen on CBS, but hilarious nonetheless! We were laughing so much during this scene! It was great to see J'onn and M'gann out too! Even Alex was there! This must be the new Noonans! Which makes us wonder if the Noonans' set didn't make the journey to Vancouver.
  2. Alex Getting Advice From Maggie: We would imagine that this had a lot of parallels to real life and on many of the stories we've seen through other news outlets, Alex's journey to self discovery has been heralded as accurate, truthful and meaningful storytelling.
  3. Supergirl Training Mon-El: We love seeing Kara in the training position. The Padawan has become the Jedi Master! There were so many times in season one when Supegirl was being trained by Alex and got her butt handed to her and now to see her in that mastery position was incredible! More strong women on TV!
  4. Alex Telling Kara: Chyler Leigh's performance during this scene was incredible. This wasn't an easy scene to do for sure and we could tell that Chyler, Melissa and Larry really gave this scene some love and care. It felt like a story being told in a real and meaningful way!
  5. Winn Lays the Hurt on James: Seeing James show up at the D.E.O. was needed because it set up a great way for Winn to lay some hard-headed common sense on James. Those two working together has friction and emotional turbulence but they are also going to be a great team. You could see how James is feeling the urgency to help and how Winn is providing the common sense and grounding he needs.
  6. Kara and Alex in Her Apartment: We know from that there was going to be a misunderstanding between the two sisters but its like the writers were in our heads with us. We couldn't handle having Alex and Kara not happy with each other and thus the turmoil was quickly rectified! More incredible performances from the two powerhouse TV sisters!
  7. Guardian Reveal: Well James couldn't have shown up at a better time than this! Plus he had that superhero name ready to go right on cue! With the "A" team on the bench (Supergirl and J'onn), the "B" team is making a difference! Seeing Guardian and Mon-El working together to fight off the Parasite ... AWESOME! Even when James drove away on his bike, and he said he was "a friend", goosebumps! We really like where this storyline is going for Mehcad Brooks' version of James Olsen! National City has the best heroes!
  8. Alex Takes A Leap: It doesn't matter whether you are straight or gay, just about everyone can relate to a time where they put themselves out there for someone and their feelings weren't reciprocated. That is hard no matter what. Tonight, see how Alex reacted to that on top of her own personal realization was emotionally draining! WOW incredible work from Chyler Leigh tonight and some serious feels from the Danvers sister in Alex's apartment! (Also how great was it to finally see Alex's place?)

Our final wrap up on this would simply be that they are maneuvering characters into some big reveals coming soon! Mon-El is kidnapped which will lead Kara to CADMUS, J'onn will discover M'gann's true identity, and from the tiny snippet we saw on next week's episode, could the real Hank Henshaw be kicking Supergirl? All in all, tonight was another great episode in the books! Next week, Cyborg Superman and then the four-show crossover! We stand by our comments that this is the golden age of superheroes on TV and these next couple of weeks will be epic! Keep watching our site for all the news!

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