Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Good evening everyone! So glad to be back. Sorry for our late recap post. We were delayed traveling because of a plane malfunction. Any way, on to episode 3! The first two episodes of Supergirl this season showed how Kara isn't the only Kryptonian on Earth, a fact we knew but was clearly illustrated! Now, its time for J'onn to learn he isn't the last of his kind either! Here are the elements that stood out to us:

  1. Kara meeting the President: Regardless of your political affiliation, Kara's reaction to meeting our country's highest office holder is spot on for the character! She even clapped like a dork! We'd imagine doing something similar if we ever met any President.
  2. Alex vs Maggie: Two powerful women standing up to each other for their right to solve crimes and serve was a really cool scene. A great way to introduce Maggie as someone that doesn't take garbage from anyone and standing up to Alex isn't easy!
  3. Lena and Kara Interview: It is fascinating how Lena already put Kara in a tough spot with the alien test. It didn't have the feeling that she suspects Kara of being an Alien, but that is one of the good traits of a Luthor, complete deviousness. We still aren't sure if she is genuine or not.
  4. Maggie and Alex at the Alien Bar: We have a feeling this bar is going to be a pretty awesome spot for the future! Maggie taught an alien English through tongue telepathy, nice touch! It was interesting to see how Alex deals with information gathering a more violent way where Maggie looks to befriend a bit more.
  5. Kara vs Mon-El: Kara's reaction to Mon-El was startling. She raced over to his location right away and after one or two hits, she kind of kicked his butt! We learn right away that Daxam and Krypton are sister planets but they didn't get along. They fought each other to a stalemate. The monarchy vs democracy duality is interesting! Kara's gut reaction to Mon-El being a Daxamite was a good way to illustrate how Kara needed to broaden her views as a reporter.
    0753 monel
  6. Supergirl Spin: We can't do a recap without at least mentioning how Kara did a very familiar looking spin move to blow out the fire on her suit. Call back to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman transformation for sure! Those little touches are one of the many reasons why this show stands out.
  7. Supergirl, Alex, Maggie vs Scorcher: This was a pretty awesome fight scene! Certainly one to note for the season. The fire effects are pretty awesome! That was a great job done by the special effects team. Kara ended up pulling a move out of Barry's book sucking the air out of the room in a vacuum to put out Scorcher. Also, as always, Alex kicking butt and now Maggie joining the fight! Talk about girl power!
  8. James Commanding the Room: We've known about James taking the mantel of the Guardian from the main stream posts for a while now but seeing James in this new boss role feels right to us. He's been mentored by Cat and by the Great Perry White, so this is a new challenge we like seeing him take on.
  9. Duality: As a theme this reminded us of the best episodes from season one. You have the Daxam vs Krypton, Alien vs Non-Alien, Alex realizing not all aliens are bad and Kara the reporter learning she needs to tell stories without a biased tone. All in all the story really came together as the best ones did in season one.
  10. M'Gann M'orzz. Enough said!
    0753 mgann

What did you guys think of the episode? Was it cool to see Lynda Carter? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Support page too!

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