Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Its crazy to think that only 5 months ago we were all concerned about a second season and if Supergirl was going to stick around. Today we are seeing Supergirl return to the screen and with her cousin too! Seeing Superman return to TV is a really cool milestone, not to mention seeing him work with his cousin, Kara. On top of all that, it solidifies the DC TV universe is its own universe and its the better one! Here are the elements that stood out to us!

  1. Clark is a klutz for real: With all that power and ability even Kal-El has silly human moments. When he is in the elevator and confesses to Kara that "that moment was real" we were smiling ear to ear.
    0738 clarkjames
  2. Cat Grant's reaction to Clark Kent: This has to be one of our favorite moments from Cat. Seeing her swoon over him was hilarious! Clark looking back at Kara and shouting, "Sway", too funny.
  3. Clark and Kara's Relationship: Seeing Kara and Clark together both and in out of costume was amazing! The way Clark gives advice to Kara is in such a wonderful unique way. He isn't overbearing like an older brother but he isn't casual like best friend. There was something to their relationship that was just so sweet and charming.
  4. James and Kara: Having been to SDCC, talking with the actors and producers, we had NO idea this was going to happen. It was a complete surprise! We do know that James will do something this season early on that he is going to try to correct or make up for in some way. Curious if this is it or this new relationship definition will be a catalyst for it.
  5. Superman and Manhunter: It was interesting to know that at one point Superman worked with the D.E.O. and with J'onn. It wasn't until operation Emerald that he walked away. In the comics, Batman is the only person in the world Kal-El trusts with Kryptonite. Seems that may be the case here too!
  6. Winn was perfect: It seems like the show writers have found a great place for Winn to be. He gets to be himself, stretch his abilities, and provide a much needed thorn in the side of J'onn! We wished we had a bit more on what happened with Winn at Catco but maybe that is to come.
    0738 winnandhank
  7. Kara: This episode did a great job of setting up Kara as a real person. Much like a layer cake, everyone has skills, abilities, careers stacked on top of each other. Its time now for Kara to figure out what she wants to be and add another layer to herself. Cat said it best that she was afraid to see how it would change her but to be the best version of yourself you have to keep diving.

There was so much in the episode and our previous spoiler free review had a lot to add. But at this point we want to hear from you. What do you guys think of Supergirl now on the CW?

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