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Sometimes, we at, get very special opportunities that fill us with joy and excitement. Being able to see the season 2 premiere ahead of schedule is one such opportunity. Now, in doing so, we agreed not to divulge any spoilers, (nor would we want to, as you all should see the episode unencumbered for yourselves)! That said, here is our SPOILER FREE review of "Adventures of Supergirl":

  1. If ever there was a way in which a group of people could reach through the screen and give every audience member a hug, this is how to do it. Whether it was through the warm, almost sunset like colors throughout the episode, the cheerfulness of our Girl of Steel, or just the radiance that the story shared, the viewer is inundated with feelings of hope and joy. There are literally times when we were laughing out loud or tilting our heads in awe. You will have a smile on your face throughout this episode.
  2. Cat Grant is her (un)usual powerhouse! Picking up right where season one left off, Cat continues to be a bright spot for Kara and the two's interactions were especially powerful this episode. The harshness that would come across as comical towards Kara (in season 1) is redirected and a genuine mentor in Cat appears. That isn't to say Cat isn't herself in other aspects, nor does she go without her trademark quick jabs. One of our favorite scenes was with Clark and Cat which you'll have to keep an eye out for!
  3. Tyler Hoechlin's Superman (and Clark) is something that Christopher Reeve would be proud of. This is a Superman that has been absent from comics and movies for sometime. Tyler's Superman comes across as the gentle giant who's humbleness knows no bounds. He is the kind of person who would own a room with presence alone yet yield to the softest voice trying to speak up. This Superman is in command of everything but never gives an order. He is sweet, funny and yet, you would NEVER want to see him get angry. His power demands respect. How Tyler, the writers, and the producers found the balance for this is astounding!
  4. Alex, J'onn, and Winn bring some hilarious moments in the D.E.O. Alex is a bit of an inner conscience for J'onn this episode (you'll see why when you watch the episode). Its a role Alex takes on rather easily. She is the big sister and she knows how to support people. Winn is hilarious and his character is put into a very useful position. Jeremy Jordan's expressions and reactions to all that happens in this episode is reason enough to watch. J'onn and Kal-El on the other hand have an exciting story that you'll want to keep and eye out for. Some of their interactions will leave you craving more.
  5. This episode isn't afraid to poke fun at itself either. Certain things like casting and or moving to a new network are winked at. They are even explained in some cases. The show's ability to move like this and grow really shows how its longevity is preserved.
  6. Finally, Kara Danvers. WOW, The show is all about Supergirl and never in this episode did we feel it was the Superman show and Supergirl took a back seat. Any fears that people have that Superman shouldn't be on the show are hilariously misplaced. The interaction between the two is electric! This season takes on an interesting turn from last season. Season one, Kara had to learn all about being Supergirl, how to use her powers, and how to be a hero. This season is all about Kara Danvers. Who is she going to be? An assistant is never anyone's choice. The inherent adorkableness of Melissa's Kara is still powerfully present but Kara will need to explore what's next. Much like a layer cake, its time to add to who Kara is and that journey will begin in this episode.

All in all Supergirl is back and its better than ever. The move to The CW is perfect and it feels like the show is home finally. Kara continues to be a beacon of hope, help and compassion for all (thank you Sterling Gates for that moniker). Come October 10th, its up up and away for us all!

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