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We had to step away from the site for a bit for personal reasons but the admin team is back. We found 100's of comments while we were gone talking about concerns for Season 2 and lots of worry. While we've said this before, let us take a moment to remind everyone of the facts. Has Supergirl been renewed for a season 2? No. People claiming it has been renewed are being very optimistic which we appreciate but the official position from CBS and WB is that it hasn't been renewed. That doesn't mean that it won't be, just that it hasn't been renewed yet. As for what we do know, these are the facts:

  1. The Executive Producers, (Andrew Kreisberg, Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Larry Teng) are planning for a second season and putting together story items for that season.
  2. Freshmen shows when completing their first season have until May 18th (at the upfronts) to be renewed. The networks and the producers most likely know yes or no but they can't say yet.
  3. Because they can't say, THIS GENERATES PRESS! Big sites like Nerdist and such are writing articles about the show and if they are going to renew it. Keeping the conversation going about Supergirl after the show finished its season is a great way to keep Supergirl in the media's eye. Why wouldn't they hold back this information? Its free press!
  4. The show has the support of a POWERFUL fan base and has won the People's Choice Award for Best New Drama. CBS will take a hit if they don't renew this show. Not only will the industry ridicule them for passing on a People's Choice Winning show, but we will personally lead the charge to make CBS hear what a mistake they made. We have that power, we have over 46,000 Facebook followers, not to mention everyone here, our twitter and so on.
  5. Finally, Supergirl has the ratings where it matters! Read on for details.

Zap2it's TV By The Numbers section is showing the comparisons between live ratings plus Live +7 day ratings. The Live + 7 Day ratings are the ratings that matter. These are viewings of the show where advertisers can get their message to the audience. When considering these Live + 7 day ratings, Supergirl is tied for the 6th most viewed show. That puts Supergirl at the highest rated and most viewed superhero show anywhere. Supergirl jumps from a 1.7 to a 2.5! That is almost a full point enhancement!

Last thing we want ask, and we've said this before, Trust Us. does NOT have a direct line to the producers or the show but we do hear things and are informed much more than any regular fan. If we hear anything that is alarming WE WILL TELL YOU. You can count on us for that. Also, as our user Kelly stated, sometimes the cast, crew, producers etc. visit the site here. They know they can wield us as a weapon. We've talked with many of them on occasion through various means and they know if they need help or an added fan push we will respond immediately! We know you guys as fans will respond too. For now, we need positivism. Just as Kara asked for hope from the citizens of National City, we are asking for hope from you guys. We want to keep Supergirl's message a positive one. The rest of the world needs to know Supergirl's fan base is just as positive and bright as Kara is. From that, lets keep our heads up and trust in us to keep you guys informed. El May Arah!

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