Robert Gant is Zor-El has exclusively confirmed that Robert Gant has been added to the cast as Kara Zor-El's paternal father, Zor-El. Of course, since the pilot is finshed, Robert has already shot his scenes. This is huge news. We had some audition dialogue that showed that Zor-El probably would be in the show. Everyone that knows Supegirl lore, having Zor-El on the show could lead to some big things! Zor-El in the new 52 ended up being the cyborg Superman! The only other cyborg Superman there's been was Hank Henshaw! So BOOM looks like there is a good chance we'll see a cyberborg-Superman in the future. Well at least the characters are there to make it happen!  Also, unless Zor-El is going to be a hologram or some kind of Kryptonian technology, we can assume there will be a scene on Krypton!

To further add evidence of Robert's involvement in Supergirl, Check out these tweets he sent below and their dates:

0149 tweet

0149 tweet2

So Cool! What do you think of Robert in the role of Zor-El? Do you think he'll turn bad? What do you think Krypton will be like if they have a scene there? Let us know in the comments below or check out our SUPER awesome forum!

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