Red Faced Recap: 6 Winning Gems!

This was a terrific episode! They all have been but each one has its own gems. More and more we find ourselves agreeing with Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg who have said each episode is like it's own little movie, each moving just a little further toward completeing a much larger puzzle! Tonight we'll share the gems of the episode that stood out!

  1. Kara's anger is really explored in this episode which made us think back foundly on the character from the comics. She has always had a temper and seeing it displayed here was very tastefully done. It made a lot of sense that Kara would be ultimately angry that her "normal" life was taken from her when Krypton exploded. Only when she decided to pick up the mantle of Supergirl was she going to really be able to explore that disappointment!
  2. Cat Grant's relationship with Kara and the mirroring with Cat's mother was something to behold! In many ways it was refreshing to see Cat get has bad as she gives on the show but these last few episodes have put Cat Grant more into a female Perry White mentoring role for Kara. It was especially refreshing to see Cat take Kara aside, down to Noonians, and share some real one on one time. There are things that women simply have to deal with differently and this show was not afraid to explore that and share it in a real way. Very cool to see.
  3. The first round fight between Kara and Red Tornado was amazing! This was such a cool and new creative way to see how Kryptonians can use their powers. In like 5 seconds, Red Tornado's fist was caught by Kara, other arm frozen, then torn off! All of this happening right after she went underground and popped up behind Red Tornado! That was BADASS! We doubt we've even seen something like that in the comicbooks. Incredibly creative use of the Kryptonian power set! Kudos to the writers and Armen Visual Effects!
    0407 redtornadoeyes
  4. Blowing off steam with James also was a beautiful moment. We loved seeing sweet Kara Danvers not in her Supergirl outfit, boxing a car and beating it up! Sometimes its the duality of seeing this sweet smart-looking girl suddenly destroying a car to remind us just how powerful Kara is!
  5. Finally, there was a lot of Kara love tonight. While we are still uncertain (even more so after tonight's episode) in Hank Henshaw's role in Jeremiah's death, Henshaw did bring the protective father feel to tonight's episode! When he thrashed General Lane for blaming Kara after she saved her daughter was moving!
  6. Bonus! Speaking of moving, How amazing was that final scene with Kara and Red Tornado!? Kara let out all her hurt and anger from the death of Krypton right out on Red Tornado in the form of the most vicious heat vision the show has dared to do so far! We think it was this epic blast that left her powerless!
    0407 emotinalheartblast

WHEW! This one was another episode that goes in the win column! Even Red Tornado's costume got better with the whirlwind aspect! Now its time to let us hear your thoughts on the episode. Did you like it? Were there parts that didn't live up to previous episodes? Hit up the comments below and the forum!

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