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The Upfronts have come and gone and we've gotten, arguably, the best performing television trailer in a long time. With over 10 million views already Supergirl is promising to be a real hit. Even Entertainment Weekly, a week later, is tweeting that they are still watching the trailer on repeat! That is an incredible response from the internet!

Some lucky few have even gotten to see the full pilot! Well today we were tipped off to one such person and asked her a few questions to get some incredible knowledge. Reading further may result in SPOILERS, however, our intent was to gather more information about the pilot while keeping the story and entertainment value intact. Also, please note, in order to confirm that this person has actually seen the pilot, we were sent three screen shots which, after extensive review, are not in the behind the scenes video or either of the trailers. It is this fact that we feel we can share this information as accurate. Please take it with a grain of salt. But without further ado: We'll get the quick stuff out of the way first. Was it an hour long? Was the intro included? Did it start with "My name is"?

Jess Plummer: Yes, no, and yes! Awesome! What were your thoughts on the music, did it have a tv feel or a grand movie theme? Any hints of the John Williams score?

Jess Plummer: Honestly I wasn't listening that much to the music - I'd have to rewatch to give a verdict! It's definitely more of a score not pop-y like the trailer (though there is a pop song over the costume designing montage). Is the villian she [Supegirl] fights Vartox or Lumberjack? or perhaps Vartox with Lumberjack's axe?

Jess Plummer: It's Vartox with an axe, yeah. Terrific! Without giving it away, was there a reasonable explanation for Superman's perceived absence?

Jess Plummer: I wouldn't say it feels like he's absent - the trailer explains that he wanted her to make her own choice. There's slightly more explanation regarding him placing her with the Danverses, but nothing as to whether or not he's been part of her life since. But it's not like there's a giant crisis you'd expect him to be handling and he's not there for some reason. Makes sense. We're excited to know the Danvers connection. Can you elaborate on that?

Jess Plummer: Just a vague statement about them being scientists he knows. I hope we get more background on that. As for the ending, did the pilot leave you with an understanding of the episode to episode plot? Is there an understanding of the larger series plot?

Jess Plummer: Yep, there's a Big Bad and a plot device like the particle accelerator to generate Villains of the Week. [As for the larger plot] Ah, that's where the spoilers come in... ;) I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Were there any surprises, that, so far no one is hinting at? Having seen the pilot, what's one thing you'd like people to know about it?

Jess Plummer: Yep, I would say two really big twists that I didn't see coming and that I liked a lot. I'd want people to know that it's a really fun, optimistic show, and it's very much about a woman making her own choices and about the relationships between women. I really think it's what Supergirl fans want to see onscreen.

Our sincere thanks to Jess Plummer who can be reached via twitter @Jess_Plummer.

We think there is some really interesting information from someone who as actually seen the pilot. Like we stated above, our intent here wasn't to learn all there is to learn and ruin the pilot, we just wanted to learn a bit more while keeping the story and surprises intact. Hopefully you feel like we were able to accomplish that. Let us know is the comments below or as always hit up the best fan forum and community on the net here!

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