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Tomorrow is the last day of 2015! Since this has been the year Supergirl returned to television, its easy to claim 2015 as an iconic year. While many shows have 9 to 10 episodes under their belt already, Supergirl has done an impressive 8 week run of non-stop new episodes to catch up to other series. Most shows now have 12 episodes remaining. This is true for Supergirl too since the full season order is 20 episodes. So with all shows now on an even playing field of having 12 shows left, it won't be 12 weeks of new episodes back to back. March Madness, Superbowl, and other events will get in the way of having a non-stop run but this isn't bad. This is what all shows will be going through. To that end, many people have been "worried" about the ratings. Well, there is good news there folks!

Supergirl remains in the top two shows likely to be renewed by Supergirl is also consistently putting up huge numbers in the L+7 ratings. the week of Dec 7th, Supergirl scored a 2.4 in the 18 - 49 demo! That's a 60% lift from live+ same day viewing! That means Supergirl is tied for 9th best viewed show on all of TV! 9.98 million people are watching Supergirl at some point in the week! This is looking very very good for a season 2! Remember, CBS has until May before they must make a call for a season 2. For more on ratings and their explanations, see our ratings post here.

So with Supergirl's ratings sitting in a great place and the show looking likely to be renewed for a second season, its safe to take a look back at all the wonderful things we've seen from Supergirl so far! is one such place. They shared the 55 best quotes on TV for 2015. Number 45 goes to our very own Dean Cain. "I know everything there is to know about Superman."


What were some of your favorite Supergirl moments of 2015? We would love to hear from you guys how you felt the show did this year! Share your thoughts in the comments section as well as the forum!

What are you waiting for, we can't wait to hear from you guys!

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