Pilot Reviews Continue Positive

We are just a week away from the debut of everyone's new favorite show and the reviews from critics are remaining extremely positive! In the last two days IGN, Forbes Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter have posted their reviews of the pilot. Considering the tough hurdle it can be to get positive reviews, these three powerhouses put Supergirl over the top. Starting with IGN:

The most appealing aspect of Supergirl’s pilot is the palpable sense of excitement and fun that Benoist brings to the role. She plays Kara as a woman that knows she has a greater destiny and is only just learning to overcome her obstacles and naysayers to embrace it with a smile on her face. From her first heroic act to her last, Benoist imbues Supergirl with an addictive sense of humor without losing her inspirational and powerful agency.

Kara’s chemistry with Metropolis transplant James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) is magnetic and serves as an interesting personal connection to her cousin in his absence.

Next up is Forbes Magazine's Review. This one is even more gracious:

Supergirl manages to hit the right balance between fun and melodramatic when the time is right. While the trailers paint Kara as a very child like young adult, this is far from what she actually presents as in the final product. When star Melissa Benoist is taking on the pilot episode’s evil alien enemy, it’s done so with a real sense of drama.

"Supergirl a wonderfully enjoyable series from the likes of Berlanti’s CW offerings."

Finally we have The Hollywood Reporter:

Make no mistake, Supergirl is important, but taking some of the weight off of her Kryptonian shoulders, it's also just plain fun.

In Benoist, Supergirl has a perfect leading lady, having previously conveyed appealingly winsome decency on Glee and in the feature Whiplash. She looks like a Hollywood leading lady, but there's just enough girl-next-door in her that she never comes across as disingenuous.

Still, come for the top notch production values and the budgetary polish that being on CBS allows. Come for Benoist, who brings a sort of heroic decency you might call Christopher Reeve-esque. Come for Flockhart chewing scenery. I'd say to stay for the uplifting and progressive message, but that's up to you.

If you were ever in doubt about how this show will be received, we would point you to the incredible hat trick of positive reviews above!

What do you think of the reviews? Did you agree with the snippets we selected? Let us know in the comments below and in our forum. And as you probably guessed, check out our list of site events including our gallery of photos to the cast we are developing!

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