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Good evening everyone! Tonight is another one of our late night posts. We've spent a lot of time doing research and investigation into this show. Investigation supported by many sources, most of which we can't reveal to protect them, and to protect us. That said, there have been some recent rumors flying around that say the Supergirl pilot is in trouble from being picked up for a full season. FALSE! We are hearing great things about the show and while many sites have gone dark on news, we are continuing to break news stories about new cast members.

Logic would say that if you have a site that is dependent on advertisement revenue, and your site starts to loose traffic, then its no surprise that you would broadcast a story like "The Pilot is in Trouble at CBS". That is one of the founding reasons that is an advertisement free website. We are here to give you the news as we discover it. Our site has no dependencies on advertisement revenue which is why we can share the truth.

Tonight at roughly 11:00pm PST Armin VFX tweeted that they were finally wrapping up and saying goodbye to the special effects required to shoot the Grodd scenes in Flash, and our lady in red and blue, Supergirl. [See Below]

0153 tweet

If the pilot were so in trouble, how do you explain that virtual effects team was finally wrapping up their work on the pilot tonight? Just like high school, and you have a big presentation to give, do you share your outline with your teacher, or do you wait until your Powerpoint presentation is done? Same thing here, yes, probably a few higher-ups have scene a loose pilot of the Supergirl show but with music finally being completed by Blake Neely just 5 days ago and special effects wrapping tonight, wouldn't you assume final decisions on the pilot would be made after the completion of these amazing and pivotal pieces?

Long story short, join us here at, stand tall with us, let the world know that we are here and excited to finally have a female superhero among so many others on TV. Kara Zor-El will land soon and she will make her presence felt!

Instead of our usual post story commentary, tonight we are asking that you, the fans, get on twitter, facebook, or wherever else you are comfortable and share the #Supergirlstrong hashtag. We won't be pushed down by false rumors for page visitation purposes, we are stronger than that, we are #Supergirlstrong!

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