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Good evening Supergirl fans! This isn't our favorite kind of update but it does make sense we explain what is going on. Welcome to the Phantom Zone of news. As you know the Supergirl pilot has wrapped filming and now it is in the edit and special effects stage. Due to a very positive but still unsure agreement with CBS, we aren't 100% positive that Supergirl will be picked up for a full season commitment despite any penalties not doing so may impose. See our previous posts for more information. Because of that, interviews with cast members are hush hush due to WB pilot restrictions. (We have a great interview lined up but have to wait due to WB restrictions). So with cast held to being quiet, and production being slowed to in office procedures only, we exist in this Phantom Zone of news coverage.

Worry not friends, that doesn't mean doesn't have your back! We have some great things planned to get us through this tiny lull in the news. Now it wouldn't be fair if we share them all right now but lets just say some fan art, and fan casting is on its way! On top of that, we don't give up that easily on the news either! We have a few leads even now that we are tracking down to give you the best insider info possible. So stay tuned, visit our forum and discuss topics with fellow friendly fans, or share your fan art with us! We are on the hunt for you and news is surely coming!

Thank you for making your number one source for CBS' Supergirl news! Our staff is working diligently to get you news, fan art, rumors, spoilers, interviews and anything else Supergirl related ASAP. As we said before, visit our forum for friendly fan conversation or comment below if you have any questions and we will get right on them for you

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