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Parasite is returning to Supergirl as a brand new character. The show's very own Agent Jensen is taking the part! But we knew that coming from the last episodes preview. Today, we are learning a little more because 20 new images have been released for Parasite Lost! Judging from the images, Lena and James are going to meet up with Agent Liberty's alter-ego, Ben Lockwood and the framing of the images suggests that the meeting doesn't go well. Also, Kara and Nia are tracking down a story about an alien who can heal people! Check out the images for yourself below:

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+2 #7 Where is Supergirl?Meadows 2018-11-08 11:19
I know they show Supergirl in the trailer, but I'm dismayed that there are no promo pics of her in this group of pics. Maybe it's time to focus more on Supergirl and to show her as the powerful and inspiring alien she is. I enjoy seeing Kara, but I like seeing Supergirl more. I'm sure the fight scenes with Parasite will be fantastic, provided the writers don't allow Parasite to completely drain Supergirl of powers and prevent her from actually fighting for most of the show.
+2 #6 RE: Parasite Lost Galleryjacksc01 2018-11-08 01:50
The set of pictures is nice but I also would like to see these gallery pictures start showing more of SuperGirl. I love the fact that Kara is getting back into reporting and that she now has a cub sidekick with her for company - I think the trouble these two can get into would make for great story lines. I think the Lena James relationship is okay but I am tired of the Guardian plot. From the pictures, it looks like James and Lena were invited to an event being held by those who are against aliens and in that respect they are gathering information to take back to the DEO and SuperGirl , again this could make for a great storyline. I also love the fact that J'onn has an increase role in the show - his character makes the story even more fascinating. Can't wait for Sunday to come.
+3 #5 RE: Parasite Lost GalleryKET1 2018-11-07 19:03
Quoting kdogg87:
20 pictures, and not one of Supergirl. Way to go, CW promotions department.

She's in the video teaser, which more viewers are going to see anyway. Besides, this episode looks more like this will be a job for investigative reporter Kara Danvers, and her cub protégé Nia Nal.
#4 RE: Parasite Lost Gallerykdogg87 2018-11-07 14:40
20 pictures, and not one of Supergirl. Way to go, CW promotions department.
#3 RE: Parasite Lost GalleryRomulus 2018-11-07 14:16
Excellent! Thanks for posting them here. ;-)
+2 #2 RE: Parasite Lost GalleryKaraD 2018-11-07 13:58
I feel there's too much James at this point with no interesting storyline. He always needs someone else to have a story (the writers put him with Lena to give him something to do). In the past, I liked the Superfriends, but now, I feel he's useless storywise. I like Mehcad Brooks but I feel the writers don't know what to do with him.

Kara and Nia pairing for a story should be interesting. Sunday can't come soon enough!
+3 #1 RE: Parasite Lost GalleryLittlegoldfish666 2018-11-07 13:28
Lena's looking good but why is James still hanging around her? She has more chemistry with Brainy than James and she's barely had any scenes with him :D

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