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The haze of Comic Con is slowly dissipating and we are starting to hunger for more information about Supergirl season 3! Yesterday, gave a juicy bit of new information to whet our palettes! DC Comics villain Bloodsport is going to be coming to the show! The specific version of the character is Robert Dubois and it sounds like he is going to be an agent of Morgan Edge. That Hashtag Show went on to release casting call notifications about the new characters. Caution spoilers ahead:

ROBERT DUBOIS/BLOODSPORT – Male, 30-40s…Looking for memorable, and distinctive performers. This evil and threatening Merc is an ex-military man who has infiltrated his former base and stolen a variety of articles that he uses to cloak an underwater nuclear device. As we later learn, he is in the employ of Morgan Edge, and he has been hired to blow up the waterfront with an underwater nuke…PRINCIPAL

Robert Dubois' actor has not been revealed yet, however, the casting notices for the other new characters was also included in the article. They have revealed some pretty exciting connections about Reign. (we covered it on our spoilers page but because these are out in the public now, we'll share below. Stop reading if you don't want spoilers)

SAMANTHA MARCH/REIGN – Female, late 20s to early 30s. Diverse. Samantha is a professional, young single mom (Trying to balance work and life), who begins to struggle to hold onto her humanity when an alter-ego, Reign — ruthless, righteous, superhuman — begins to take over her personality. Most important in Sam’s life is her young daughter, Ruby, who Sam would sacrifice everything to protect. ONE SEASON – FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR.

RUBY MARCH – Female, Caucasian or Latina, 11 to 14. Smart, sensitive, funny, but a bit of an outsider with her peers. An independent think who doesn’t like to follow the crowd. She’s fiercely loyal to her single mother, Sam (Odette Annable) and the two make a great team, looking out for each other and enjoying each other’s camaraderie. But Ruby’s not shy about speaking up for herself – even to her mother – when she feels she’s in the right. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR THIS SEASON WITH A SERIES REGULAR OPTION FOR NEXT SEASON.

GAIL MARSH – Female, Late 20s, early 30s, Open Ethnicity. The deadly and seductive PSI (aka Gail Marsh), a DC Comics foe of Supergirl, possesses psychic abilities which allow her to bring out her victim’s darkest fears. While she is a physical threat, her real power comes in bringing the Girl of Steel to her knees without throwing a punch. LEAD GUEST STAR

MORGAN EDGE – Male, 40s, Open Ethnicity. As corrupt as he is intimidating, he intends to clear the area one way or another, and he has enlisted the services of a madman to blow up the area during a special ceremony in Supergirl’s honor. This savvy and formidable titan of industry is pushing through a huge new redevelopment plan for the city’s waterfront – and he doesn’t care if he has to uproot the entire indigenous immigrant population to implement his money-grubbing scheme. …RECURRING GUEST STAR

Well that blew the lid off the season 3 premiere! Talk about learning some valuable information! Let us know what you think in the comments below and in the forum! Keep us advertisement free and visit the support page too!

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#15 RE: New Villain & Character ConnectionsSupergirlfan82 2017-08-19 22:28
Quoting Stewart Tick:
"As we later learn, he (Bloodsport) is in the employ of Morgan Edge, and he has been hired to blow up the waterfront with an underwater nuke"

Wow - it looks like I unwittingly anticipated a couple of the major plotlines of the first episodes of Season 3! In my fan fiction series, I've already had Kara and the Super Friends foil an attempt to blow up the waterfront (or marina) with a MOAB ("Mother Of All Bombs"). And I also wrote about a Supergirl Team underwater rescue operation, which it looks like we will have in the next TV season, too.

Hey where I can find that fanfic of yours? I tried to search on but not so much luck :/
#14 RE: New Villain & Character Connectionsmarkhb 2017-08-02 06:26
Looking at the terms at the end of the posting, some things struck me. If anyone has a better handle on the meanings, please feel free to correct me:

Reign: ONE SEASON – FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR. "Fractional" sounds like a half-season Big Bad; I wonder if they like that formula (splitting between e.g. Cadmus and Rhea) and are sticking with it.

Psi: LEAD GUEST STAR. Sounds like a VOTW to me; hopefully she'll return eventually as I think Psi's a great character. I'm just glad that they're finding villains that really are Supergirl's own. I don't think she'll lead to "overcrowding".
#13 Villain centralSG_Fan8 2017-08-01 19:59
I am ok with several different villains, there are 22 episodes to spread them over. I agree that I would like a coherent story that can be followed all season, leading up to another great finale. I just hope they don't lose the story in trying to fit in all of the villains. I really hope Reign gives her a great challenge, one that pushes Supergirl harder than she has been so far. Its a greater victory when it appears she cannot win, but still finds a way. It will be tough to top fighting Superman, but we'll see. Looking forward to Season 3!!
#12 RE: New Villain & Character ConnectionsRomulus 2017-08-01 17:21
Very good! S3 appears to be ramping up the villain quotient. Let's hope they mesh with the principal cast and the stories and arcs are cohesive and thought out. We'll all have to tune in to see how things shape up. ;-)
#11 RE: New Villain & Character ConnectionsKelly 2017-08-01 16:17
Bring it all on and I'll make a judgment call when I've seen it. :lol:
#10 RE: New Villain & Character Connectionssheriek 2017-08-01 16:05
I agree with some of the other posters that they seem to be making some of the same issues as last season. Of course, we won't know till the season starts but it seems like they are trying for too many stories with too many characters. You have to add finding Monel and the Legion to the stories as well as The other Superfriends stories. I just don't want Supergirl or Kara to get lost in her show again. Or characters like James that disappear for half a season.
#9 RE: New Villain & Character Connectionssuperbill 2017-08-01 15:52
Yeah, like other commenters I'm a bit worried that the stage is getting too crowded with villains, secondary characters, and subplots at the expense of seeing Supergirl and the core team. I'm not familiar with all the canon characters, but do we really need all of them? Fingers crossed that they can pull it off and make an interesting and coherent season-long story line.
#8 RE: New Villain & Character ConnectionsGreen Stuff 2017-08-01 14:36
Outstanding news, Just got back from holiday and have so much to read from Comic Con onwards.
I remember reading Bloodshot in the John Byrne run of Superman back in the 80's, looking forward to seeing him. :-)
#7 RE: New Villain & Character ConnectionsLittlegoldfish666 2017-08-01 14:14
This doesn't fill me with hope. I feel there will be too much going on with not e nough time so could be very rushed and incoherent
#6 RE: New Villain & Character Connectionsjacksc01 2017-08-01 14:03
Quoting markhb:

Second, adding a kid with a possibility of being full time next year scares me. The last thing anyone on this show needs to do is adopt a child.

Agreed - I hope we don't get into too many characters with subplots again.

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