New Audition Reveals Much!

WHOA, big news here that we did not see coming. Elnovo1234 posted this link onto Actress Benita Grimaldi plays the part of Alex in this Audition reel. She is talking with Hank Henshaw. The dialogue to say the least is VERY REVEALING. SPOILERS AHEAD

Check out the video here

If the video goes down, we have transcribed the conversation between Henshaw and Alex. You can see that here: Spoilers

This is so huge, we're loving it. There are a lot of things we can infer here.

  1. That big government agency that Alex is working for? Well that is Hank Henshaw's division!
  2. Alex and Henshaw had a relationship in high school.
  3. Superman knows of Kara and has visited her when she was younger!
  4. Alex has met Superman.
  5. Kara has pretended to get hurt for appearances.

Amazing news! What do you guys think? Did you see that twist with Alex and Henshaw working together? Let us know your thoughts below!!

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