National City Tribune Revealed

What a fun challenge and thank you all who played along with us! After three days of clues it was Mark Bickford who unlocked our challenge website. We wanted to say thank you to you all for following us and our site so we made this Easter Egg filled site as if it were right from the show. Check out where Kara works by visiting! We've filled the site with tons of fun little comic book references as well as some big ones to other DCTV Universe shows! In the future, we'll invite you guys to submit faux comic related articles for the site. We want this to be a fun place to go and imagine your in the DCTV world. So enough messing around, go check it out already! We've already got another challenge in mind coming soon!

0191 nationalcitytribune

Did you play along with us? Were the clues too difficult? Each newspaper referenced in the clues actually would redirect you to the In fact, in our fictional world, they are all apart of Catco Worldwide Media (not necessarily true in the show, just something we made up). Any way, let us hear your thoughts on the new faux site or start a conversation about it in our forum! Happy Monday everyone!

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