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This is the beginning of the end ... of season 1! We've been waiting for this for two weeks but it feels like its been two months! On top of that, we had the cancellations at Emerald City Comic Con which has only added to our desires for this episode! We knew that Alex and Hank were going to come back from the sneak peeks. We also knew that this episode would make history as the first time all three actors who've played Supergirl will be in an episode together. That alone is enough to make 'Myriad' shine but here are the points that also stood out to us:

  1. 30 Miles outside of Midvale: Anytime we get a reference to Midvale, Kara and Alex's origin city, it makes us dance with joy! Hiding J'onn as a boy wasn't a bad idea either.
  2. Cat Grant Harrison Ford Reference: We got this in the sneak peek released today but it still made us laugh! It was meant in good fun which we are sure that Calista enjoyed. It was also telling that Cat didn't notice that everyone was like a drone. Guess Cat is that self-centered.
  3. Blond Haired Alex: While we were introduced to long haired Alex in episode 17, blond haired Alex was totally new. Chyler Leigh could be a Supergirl all her own with that look. All that aside, it was a moment of cheer to see Helen Slater again!
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  4. Dropping friends from the window: This was intense! WOW. It reminded us of that scene in Spiderman where Green Goblin drops Mary Jane and the School bus. This time it was three people falling and it showed Kara's limits. It wasn't Kara's fault, but it does take a piece of Kara every time people die. Kara will feel the guilt of choosing her friends first.
  5. Eliza Danvers gushes about J'onn's powers: We all see our parents in ourselves and this was too funny to see how Helen Slater could channel her inner Alex. She almost seemed like a bright wonder-filled child talking with him. If circumstances weren't so dire, they would have a lot to talk about.
  6. Kryptonite Bomb: This is the definition of rock and a hard place. But that said, it's the exact kind of problem the members of the House of El excel at. With all their gifts they find a way to make a third choice, one that is better than any other. Kara should stand up to the challenge.
  7. Cat Grant challenges Kara: This is exactly what we thought Kara needed. That last little push to find another solution. "Hope is stronger than fear" says Cat. She looks to inspire Supergirl by admitting that she has been inspired to change herself by Supergirl's actions. This was the moment when Supergirl finds that third option better than the rest.
  8. Indigo vs J'onn: Whoa J'onn does not have time for Indigo. He throws her through a building and blows her up. At least we think. Suddenly she appears from the fire and gut stabs J'onn by surprise. Is J'onn dead? Alex seems lost to Myriad.
  9. HOPE: The very definition from Man of Steel, the \S/. Something that was incredibly lacking in Batman v Superman. Kara stands up to find a way to inspire the citizens of National City. Cat and Max work together to fire up Cat's old TV station where they hope they can send a signal to break free from Myriad. Then ...
  10. Alex vs Supergirl: WHOA, we did not see that coming! The preview images showed Alex wearing the Kryptonite battle suit but vs Supergirl is crazy. This, by the way, had incredibly more feeling than Batman v Superman. There was love here and relationships. We love Alex and Kara both and to see them pitted against each other was heartbreaking and terrifying! OMG we've never been more on the edge for next week!
    0605 recap

One thing we want to point out here that made us happy. While we LOVED the Flash crossover, Barry is human. That means he couldn't help in this fight. Having a season finale where there was a Kryptonian size problem to solve really did justice to the show in our opinions. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!

What did you think of Myriad tonight? Was it the best episode so far? Can you wait until next week? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and in the forum. Help keep advertisement free and visit our support page. Finally, don't forget you can enter to win our Sideshow Collectables giveaway here!

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