Melissa Speaks Supergirl

The Longest Ride, Melissa's new movie, had its premiere recently. While walking the red carpet, Access Hollywood grabbed Melissa for a brief comment about Supergirl. By the way, isn't she looking more and more blonde?

Access Hollywood: I love the blonde hair!
Melissa Benoist: Thank you!
Access Hollywood: Is it for a role?
Melissa Benoist: Yes, this if for Supergirl, I play Kara Danvers.
Access Hollywood: Can you tell me a little bit about her?
Melissa Benoist: She's, umm, Superman's cousin and, [man flies off mechanical bull] I think someone is being thrown off a bull back there.
Access Hollywood: Yes there is a lot happening behind you! Its not your typical premiere.
Melissa Benoist: No [Giggles] So yes, I'm playing a superhero, its kind of this journey of her finding out her powers and her abilities, and realizing her true potential.

There is more to the interview but that covers the brief Supergirl portion. The most amusing part of this for us however, was that Melissa in one statement, ended a debate that's raged in our office since this show was announced! Is it (Care-Uh)? or (Car-uh)? ITS THE LATTER! Finally! Kara Danvers it is and that's pronounced like saying the word car! Whew, stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Did you think it was (Care-Uh)? or (Car-uh)? Let us know your thoughts below or visit our forums!

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