Lucy Lane Coming to Supergirl is reporting that Lucy Lane, younger sister of Lois Lane, is going to be a reoccuring character on Supergirl. Even more so, Lucy is ex-girlfriend of James Olsen.

In her mid-20s to early 30s, Lucy is described as as brash, funny and beautiful as her sister Lois, yet strong, smart and successful in her own right.

Sounds like this could create some interesting love triangle moments. Even more interesting, Supergirl comicbook fans may remember that Lucy Lane was once turned into Superwoman, a military weapon created to stand on par with Kryptonians. In an extreme battle, Supergirl unintentionally caused a malfunction in Superwoman's suit which killed her! We are loving all the homage that the Supergirl crew is paying to the DC history. Just like Andrew Kreisberg said, this is a DC comics show, not just Supergirl. Who do you want play Lucy Lane?

Such great news! This really starts to show how the Supergirl show is being structured. Its sounding more and more like Supergirl is going to go after many different demographics! Share your comments and wants/desires for who should play Lucy below, or join the best Supergirl forum on the next here!

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