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 Love is Love Released

There's been a lot of tragedy and loss lately in the world and especially 2016. Friends of our site admins joke how they can't wait for this year to be over. Well on a bright note, DC Comics is trying to bring a little light back into the world. Today they released the "Love is Love" comic collection book. This book features stories from many different writers and illustrations from many different artists. All proceeds of this book go toward the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting via equality Florida. What is even more of note is that "Adventures of Supergirl" writer, Sterling Gates, has prepared a special one shot story featuring Supergirl for the book (illustrated by Matthew Clark). It also includes a story written by Amanda Deibert who is the wife of "Adventures of Supergirl" cover artist, Cat Staggs. Staggs illustrated the story written by her wife as well. The book is currently available via digital download and in your local comicbook stores.

Let us know your thoughts on Love is Love in the comments below and in the forum. Also, keep us going and visit the support page if you can! Thanks!

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