Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17

Supergirl Lives, the title of our next episode coming in 5 days, is directed by Kevin Smith as we all know. Well, he made an impact on the Supergirl powers that be and has been asked to return to direct another episode this season according to! Specifically, episode 17. Smith has been quoted saying:

I fell in love with everybody up there, so it was easy to say 'yeah,'. It takes something special to make you put aside your own s*** when you're creative. When you have the ability to make the stories you want to make, it's fun to watch other people's stories, it's just way more fun to make your own. So whenever you put your s*** aside, it has to be for something worthwhile. Working on Supergirl is like a month of your life, but I'd give it up in a heartbeat because the last experience I had was so rewarding and I was so happy with what we did. I like all the people up there, and I believe in the show in a big, bad way. It's incredibly warm. It's just well-made entertainment, and it's got something to it. It's a little nourishing, it's not just fast food. There's always some heart to it.

This sounds like another banner episode to us! Smith's work on The Flash has been heralded as a hallmark of the show and come Monday we'll see what he can do with Supergirl!

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+1 #13 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17Chucky 2017-01-21 16:36
Awesome to hear this
#12 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17vantheman77 2017-01-20 13:32
Kevin is enjoying both Supergirl and Flash.
+1 #11 RE: Kevin Smith Episode 17hayleymay 2017-01-20 10:34
Good News looks like trailer for episode 9 has lots of goodies. An uplifting episode with lots tidbits. Looking forward for episode 17 for another inspiring repeat performance.

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#10 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode Admin 2017-01-19 19:22
Quoting Myrtice:
I just watched a new Promo for 2x09 on tumblr. I'm not sure why this is not on youtube yet. I hope you guys get it soon! :-)

Yep we got it. Been here since the 13th
#9 New PromoMyrtice 2017-01-19 16:02
I just watched a new Promo for 2x09 on tumblr. I'm not sure why this is not on youtube yet. I hope you guys get it soon! :-)
+2 #8 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17jacksc01 2017-01-19 07:01
I am very happy to hear that Kevin Smith is coming to direct another episode of SuperGirl. Also, his assessment of the crew and working with the crew is wonderful. This show is going to be on for a long time to come - I couldn't be happier.
+2 #7 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17Romulus 2017-01-18 20:29
Excellent! It ought to be a great episode. :-)
#6 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17RobertAnthony 2017-01-18 18:23
Quoting Kelly:
Bring it on... :)

UH...WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!
+3 #5 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17Triggy 2017-01-18 18:18
Yeah I'm very eager to see how Kevin Smith did on this Monday's episode and I'm sure it'll be good. And to get him back so quickly by the producers is a very good sign.
+2 #4 RE: Kevin Smith Directs Episode 17Kelly 2017-01-18 17:22
Bring it on... :)

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