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Supergirl fans are all undoubtedly counting the seconds until the show launches, but even before there was a show in the works, Supergirl fans enjoyed reading about the Girl of Steel's adventure in her own comic title. When that was cancelled, we felt the loss. Well IGN sat down with Jim Lee in an interview and talked Batman, reemerging comics, and Supergirl. On the subject of bringing our Maid of Might back to the comic shelves, Lee had this to say:

IGN: One last question. The Supergirl show is coming this Fall, but there's no Supergirl comic book on the shelf. Are there any plans to bring Supergirl back with her own solo series?

Lee: We'd be remiss if we did not use that as an opportunity. If you look at all the shows, we've tried to do things that both tie in directly into the core mythology of the show itself. But a lot of times you see the best stories featuring, let’s say Green Arrow or The Flash, those are the ones you just get lifting. I think you'll see an interesting mix of Supergirl content come out, some of which will closely mirror what's going on in the show, but there's some of the great stories that we publish that we will put out.

I think it's exciting to see one of the key franchises lifted and showcased and we have really high hopes for it.

Doesn't sound like anything is official but not featuring Kara in the DC comic universe isn't an option anymore. Whether that means she gets her own title or lives in someone else's title, Supergirl is coming back to the DC Comics world.

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Have you been dying for more comic book action? I know we have. Let us know what you think of this newest statement. What is your interpretation? Will a companion title be coming soon? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts or hit up the forum.

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