How Supergirl's Suit Was Made

Colleen Atwood is an Oscar Award Winning costume designer. So when we heard that she would be designed Melissa Benoist's Supergirl costume, our expectations went through the roof! New York Magazine caught up with Colleen and asked the questions we are all dying to know, how was Supergirl's costume made?

Regarding the Cape:

I made an undersuit that zipped up beneath her costume — that holds her cape in place. The weight of the cape isn’t pulling the costume around on her body, so it balances a lot better for action scenes.

Regarding the Iconic Logo:

The S is designed to be looked at in flight. I had Melissa lie on the table in the costume during the fitting to make sure that it looks good horizontally.

Regarding the Faberic Used:

It’s called Eurojersey: It has a four-way-stretch quality, which is good for action. The S is 'grown' on the fabric with an ink that’s layered on to give it dimension.

Regarding the Tights:

I put tights on her because I wanted the leg to be shaded a little bit darker. It looked better than just a bare, nude tone — Melissa’s legs are nice; she didn’t really need anything!

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Its so interesting to hear from Colleen herself. Its clear why she is such an amazing designer! Everything she mentions is well thought out and purposeful! So glad she took up the job on this one!

What do you think of the costume and what Colleen eventually created? Do you like the sketch? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and in the forum. Don't miss your opportunity to send a photo of yourself/family/friends etc. to us for our gallery we are sending to the cast and crew Oct 24th! More details here!

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