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Its been an incredible and wild ride these first eight episodes of Supergirl! Tonight the cast and crew put a final bow on the Fall section of their freshman season! Hostile Takeover left us with a great cliffhanger and wanting more. The good news is Supergirl returns January 4th and now the show is caught up with the other network shows in terms of episodes broadcast! A much more realistic viewing schedule can be looked forward to in the remaining 12 episodes! As for "Hostile Takeover" here are the events that stood out to us!

  1. Supergirl's powers seem so much more within her control. In the very opening scene, as we saw last episode, Supergirl is captured by two of Astra's Kryptonian thugs. This time however, she is able to give them a bit of a fight! Being exposed to Kryptonite however, didn't make it easy for her.
  2. Cat getting hacked was a great way for Winn to step up to the plate again. We actually liked how Cat put together her trust team with James, Kara, and Winn. Cat's relationship with them is growning and they are starting to get into Cat's corner. It reminds us of when Lex Luthor bought the Daily Planet and Clark, Lois, Jimmy and Perry were out on the street but they all banded together in that time of awfulness on The Adventures of Lois and Clark.
  3. The fight scene between Astra and Kara in the skies of National city was astounding! On par with Man of Steel yet Kara didn't allow innocent victims to be hurt! Something in our opinion was sorely missing in Man of Steel. When Kara is angry it always gets us, something about how Melissa Benoist is able to convey emotions is so true.
  4. Speaking of Melissa Benoist's emotional range, that scene of Supergirl confronting her mother's hologram about if she was used to bring Astra to justice ... WOW. The staff here felt like that was even more epic than the episode 6 solar flare! The fact that Astra's actions, though terrorist-like, were to try and save Krypton and Alura's unwavering sense of justice sent her to jail weighs heavy on Kara.
    0429 feels
  5. The revelation of Adam Foster being in the show now and being Cat's oldest son is going to have some huge ramifications. Any son of Cat's with the name Adam is going to have trouble ... something makes us think that Blake Jenner's run on Supergirl may not be so reoccuring. Just a thought for your guys to toy around with, *wink
  6. Of course another major event we need to cover and frankly have as a cliff hanger is the fact that the writers didn't make Cat Grant stupid! Ha ha, no, we mean it didn't take long for Cat to figure out that her assistant was actually the hero of National City! What the ramifications of that revelation are will have to be explored in episode 9. Two week wait for that one, sorry folks.
  7. Finally, Astra has sent her army, mainly her husband Non, to take equipment from Lord Industries. Maxwell Lord, being the baller he is, walks straight out to confront the Kryptonians (accompanied by other alien species). The fight goes as expected with massive chaos. J'onn J'onzz takes a few hits from a Kyrptonian leaving the solider to wonder how he is still standing, but the title bout is between Kara and Non. The two race toward each other when the Supergirl emblem envelops the screen! That's all for this week! ARGGGHHHH!

The cast sent out a tweet saying how much they wanted to live tweet with us during the show but they need to work on episode 14. They did however send this picture.

0429 family

Curious to note, Robert Gant has returned. He played Zor-El in the pilot! Also notice what he is wearing... its hard to see but that looks like a blue collar with red piping ... hmmm.

Also, right before the Eastcoast showing, our favorite co-worker pair, David Harewood and Chyler Leigh gave us this cute little video:

Whew, is anyone else emotionally exhausted? Its complete because of how Melissa Benoist makes us feel. Its just that, she makes us feel everything Supergirl feels and you just can't help but root for her! We want to hear your thoughts on the episode in the comments below as well as the forum! This has been so much fun sharing this show with you guys and we really love hearing from you! So thank you for being with us, here's to the next 12 episodes! El Mah Arah!

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