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It's a stretch, but some recent plot developments from the CW's "The Originals" might be making room for actress Claire Holt to make an exit and join CBS's "Supergirl".  Fans of "The Originals" should know spoilers may be ahead. Clair Holt plays character "Rebekah" who apparently was presented with a choice to abandon her current body and take on the form of a mortal young witch.  This kind of major plot twist does seem to signal a big change in casting. 

"The Originals" does show many flashbacks and this may give Claire Holts' Rebekah the ability to appear in the show in her usual body while havin a very minimal filming schedule.  In fact, because CBS owns the CW, the posibility of Claire doing very minimal guest appeances on "The Originals" while taking over the mantle of 'Supergirl' becomes very reasonable.  Also the character of Rebekah can continue in the plot in her new body as a witch.

Seems like Claire Holt wants to leave (she’s rumored for the CBS Supergirl show) so she probably wants to move to bigger, better things where she can be the center of a show.

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